The Future is Amazing

And we’re living it right now.

Here’s why:

My Grandma on my Dad’s side is not the most computer savvy person around. Actually, neither is Grandma on Mom’s side, but that’s not the point. Grandma lives in and owns a duplex. The people downstairs moved out and now she needs to put an ad out. She called me and asked me to put something together for her that looked nice and would stand out from the other For Rent signs at the college where she was going to post it.

Of course I said “yes”.

Using iChat I initiated Screen Sharing so she could see my screen while I put it together. Then when everything was looking perfect I emailed her the PDF. THEN I initiated Screen Sharing so I could see/control her computer to help her print it. After she had printed it we had a nice video chat to catch up and so she could show me the final product.

All of this has been possible through to do for awhile with various technologies but iChat pulls them all together and makes it so easy that even Grandma can do it.

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  1. Alex wrote:

    Plus, now I have a new Joel-image to put on my phone. Not exactly retina-display quality though…