“Boi! I’m a Shambie now!”

Okay…so…I am Brock, new to Shambot… Also new to blogging…but hey…I love elipses…

I just need to test things out a bit to get myself aquainted.

This is me…
This is me on photobooth…
I will post some of my creative work on here on a later date… Right now my current project is a Horton Hears a Who video…Red, Yellow, Blue video with my own audio adaptation of Ted Giesel’s classic rhymes. All electronica aside from the vocal parts, which will be homosapien in nature…

For now, here is a small earsnack sample of what is in store… It doesn’t have the vocals yet but this is when the Wickersham Bros come to steal Horton’s clover/dust speck….

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We’re the wickersham brothers
We’re onto your plot
Pretending your talking to whos who are not
It’s a deep dire evil political plot
Pretending youre talking to whos who are not

Were the wickersham brothers
We’re vigilant spotters
Hot-shot spotters of rotters and plotters
And we’re going to save our sons and our daughters
You’re a dastardly, gastardly, schnastardly skunk
Trying to brainwash our brains with this gobblety gunk.

Comments (2) left to ““Boi! I’m a Shambie now!””

  1. Sam wrote:

    Brock! Welcomes. Look forward to horton.

    Keep thursday, saturday and possibly sunday open.

    New brf short. possible title “Brock’s Sammich.” Will discuss later.

    over and out.

  2. Ben wrote:

    Hey Brock, you rock… like a sock… and.. cuckoo clocks.

    I can rhyme, I swear.