My thoughts on the day…

Hi Shamby…

You know, today has been a pretty interesting day (considering I have barely been off the couch all but 10 mins total). I have to say though, it has been enlightening.

The world of the internet really fascinates me. Not only are we more and more connected, but we have this facinating world of “user generated content”. Not only do I get to spend the day looking at blogs and reading about interesting business people in new york (hi katie!), but then, I get to come here, and talk to you, my real-life friends, about how interesting this is to me. And the funniest thing, is that I haven’t seen and/or talked to many of you in awhile (sorry that I never leave my apartment), and yet, I know what you guys are all up to (and even those IA peeps who I have never met before)

The web/world is becoming so connected, and there is so much information available. See, I am trying to figure out “what I am going to do with my life” as I keep getting asked. (this is a whole different topic, as I get closer to graduation, and now I have to actually tell people what my plans are – which is that they don’t exist yet, anyway…) So, I am thinking to myself, hmmm, I like the word “strategy” and I am interested in – media, information services, internet – cool. I will go to my little friend linkedIn (ps – you guys need to get on this, totally awesome professional networking site), and searched for those parameters (oh, and I decided to look in NYC since I will be there soon). Anyway, I found this cool guy who does “that” for a living, has this neat blog and blah, doesn’t really matter. The point is that in 5 mins, I found someone who is doing something that is completely undefined, yet what I am interested in, AND I know how to get into contact with them, and I know people who know people who know them. These people are no longer a name or idea in a magazine, this is someone who I could talk to and meet in person. THAT is freaking AWESOME.

I don’t know why this is such a big deal to me today. I am maybe feeling a little existencial or something. But this web is pretty sweet, and I want to play.

Ok, well, that’s about it… What about you guys? What have you found on the net that is totally amazing that it is there? Anyone?
PS – Anyone loving the SNOW as much as I am??? And, I made cookies, so, if you want some, let me know, I will bring you cookies – I have 2 different kinds. LOVE!

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