Google Zeitgeist

I am sure you guys (who are way more in on technology happenins) know about google zeitgeist. If you don’t know what it is it tracks and graphs all the queries in google to get a general idea of the feelings of the world (i.e. zeitgeist). Anyways I was looking at the Year-end zeitgeist and I found somethings pretty amusing. Paris Hilton was the most searched news category. The number one searched for ticket was for the Cheetah Girls. Idiocracy was looked up the most for showtimes, even though the studios didn’t even make an ad campaign for it. Number one looked up most word was promiscuous (from the nelly furtado song). And the the most looked up “what is” was Hezbollah, followed by 8 prescription drugs that you can by from the internet. Google says this reflects our desire to study modern medicine, like hydrocodon and vicodin….Right.

We’ll find out about Petbusters! on Thursday. I will post the results on Shambot right away! Keep your fingers crossed

Comments (2) left to “Google Zeitgeist”

  1. Steven wrote:

    I anticipate Pet Busters sweeping the entire competition.

  2. Joel wrote:

    I love Google for their data tracking reasons, it’s so cool!

    Also, I can’t wait to see how PB does.