Ben Cooked Dinner

It was a night just like any other; Lindsey was doing homework, Bill and I were doing something fun, and Ben was cooking dinner for us. We were at Tanya’s house and decided to look around, we happened upon a stack of classic 45s (vinyl records, not bullets). After a quick flip through we discovered a treasure three records from the top of the stack. It was simply titled “Funk.” Because of our love of 70s disco we could not resist blasting those “funk-a-licious” tunes. It was funk alright, intergalactic funk.

Ben Cooked Dinner on Vimeo

Comments (7) left to “Ben Cooked Dinner”

  1. Allison wrote:

    SO EFFING FUNNEEEEEEEEEEE! Ben, you are my favorite part (Bruiser?!?)!

  2. pat wrote:

    Who’s puppy was that? The music was AMAZING! but i wish I could have seen your faces while you got your groove on.

  3. Emma wrote:


    This saturday we have to do groove-time part the two.

  4. Lindsey wrote:

    dude, I totally was not doing homework.

    But my FAVORITE part is seeing Ben’s head in the record hole!
    Looks brilliantly and meticulously framed…

  5. Chance wrote:

    this is the funniest thing I’ve seen, not all day, not in the last few days, but this WHOLE WEEK.

    I smell and oscar.

  6. Allison wrote:

    fuck yeah (dont mind my language, i just watched reality tv)!

  7. Shambot! / uninteresting updates in emmaland wrote:

    […] I also attended a tots sweet Oktoberfest party thanks to Katie’s equally sweet internship. The best part was Ernie, who we have seen featured previously on Shambo. He is seriously such a cute giant piece of dog. He was also being a huge baby, not getting any food for eating. I’m sure Katie can tell you more on the subject of the pros of the party. There is a boot involved. […]