A little late…

But hey, it was a character builder.

Took us over 6 months, but Tim and I finally got Wiis. We went at 4:45am Sunday morning and were first in line at Best Buy. There were colorful characters and lots of dead time. Damn, we got there like two-some hours before we really had to. And now it seems Nintendo will be ramping up production. Great.

However, it was very satisfying to be there at 9:55 when all these other people showed up. Very satisfying.

So, Joel, share your ID number or whatever with us. Then we can… send messages?

WIISPLOSION. Next up I’ll probably get some Wiimote chargers and Monkey Ball. Allyson will even play this with me. Wooh.

Comments (9) left to “A little late…”

  1. Ben wrote:

    Welcome to the club!


  2. Brock wrote:

    I love the first picture! PHOTO EYEZ!

  3. Evan wrote:

    hey, i got one too! also, i would like to note that you guys got one MONTHS after my parents and all their friends.


  4. Steve wrote:

    For real Evan. I had to talk Tim out of eating a bullet.

  5. Timmy wrote:

    I was so hungry and did not want to live anymore.

  6. Joel wrote:

    0431 6089 2753 5047

    Like a true Wii Bii, I kiip my code on mii all the tiiiime.

  7. Steve wrote:

    Joel, I am:
    5003 4118 6387 9568

  8. patrick wrote:

    The guy who wrote freaknomics said that Wii supply will not meet worldwide demand until 2009!!!! But I don’t believe it will take that long especially since there is no parts shortage and Nintendo easily has the capital to make another factory.

  9. Steve wrote:

    I met Steven demand.