Why does the state hate me?

So I got some bad news in the mail the other day from the Iowa Department of Transportamatation.  Apparently they are going to suspend my drivers license for ninety days begining on June 21.  This is because they have deemed me a “habitual violator.”

Apparently if you are cited for three moving violations in a one year period, you are a “habitual violator.”

Those of you who know what I do for money may find this sad or amusing or both.

I know I do.

In order to get my license back in September, I will have to prove “financial responsibility.”  Which basically is nifty wording for SR-22 insurance.  Now in all honesty, SR-22 actually isn’t all that much more expensive than what I’m paying now, since I’m a male under the age of 25, driving a two door coup.  However, I also have to pay a $200 reinstatement fee for my license.

My response: fuck this state and its drivers license, I don’t really NEED it…

BUT, now I have to get a different job (something I needed to do anyway).

Eventually, I’ll just move to a different state to get a drivers license if i need it that badly.

Comments (2) left to “Why does the state hate me?”

  1. pat wrote:

    Oh NOES! Maybe now you can get an awesome job!

  2. Tim wrote:

    Diss! Sorry buddy! Youse gots to stop with all dat speedin!