Some neat things.

Good things from the past few weeks:
Wizard People, Dear Reader. This, while we haven’t finished yet, has been really, really great. It’s a complete narration to be played over the 1st Harry Potter. It’s ridiculous and hi-larious. I also like that they cuss, unlike…

Done by Mike Nelson, from MST3K fame. We watched the track for the 1st X-Men movie. It was pretty good. It took a while to warm up, but the middle was really funny. No cussing though.

Foxmarks. On OSX for a while I used Safari, and for a bit Camino or Firefox. I move between my Powerbook, home XP desktop, and and iMac at work. Keeping my bookmarks in order was kind of frustrating, and now with Foxmarks it syncs them between all the computers (Firefox only). Pretty neat!

Also, I posted it on Facebook, but I made a new mix: Get it here.

Over and out.

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