Spare-Time Art

This is pretty much what I do when I’m at work, but I don’t have any blacks to fill or panel boarders to draw or other high-class business to conduct. I work on my own things. Today, that mostly meant doodling. I worked on my proposal too, but I’ve pretty much promised myself that when I get any idea I like, I’m gonna capture it somehow. Today they flowed out from some divine mind-spring. This first one was inspired from the lunch-time conversation, “Where’s Molly?”


molly isn't impressed by her large selection of earl greys (more…)

A four-panel movie

What's Happening?
I should do this more often.

Robitties ver. 1.0

I’ve copied this from my livejournal, which i’m using as my main blog now

This is the first version of a little thing I’m calling Robitties
I’ve designed it as a sort of community building exercise among designers to begin with. What I have done is composed a library of different parts of electronic gizmos into an Adobe Illustrator file. The five robots you see here (as well as my livejournal icons) have been composed using this library. If you want to be a part of the project, follow these steps:

1) Download the Library file here.(you will need Adobe Illustrator CS2 or CS3, also if it downloads as a … file, just remove the ps)

2) Play around, get a feel for all the parts and how they are constructed. I’ve left the robots I’ve created in a layer so you can see what I’ve done. If you think there should be a piece that isn’t there, make it!

3) See what kind of robot you can make and save your robot into another file. Name it, include separated out any pieces you created and maybe even include a short description of what it does.

4) Email it to me! If its too big, I can also take, jpegs or pdfs.

5) I am composing a site for all the designs and eventually, your design will be up on it. There may even be merch and contests designed around them.

Keep in mind this is a rough version and its only geared towards people who own and know how to use Adobe Illustrator. Now if you aren’t one of those people, keep waiting. Version 2.0 will be a flash app that will be more user friendly. its currently being designed by Joel Gillman and myself, but its gonna be a while and I couldn’t wait any longer!

Good Luck!


hey guys, Im thinking of buying a digital camera. “Really, you don’t have one?!?” Yeah, I know, time to get with it. But i don’t really know anything about them at all. I don’t need anything fancy, but do you guys have any suggestions of which/where to get one? I know, lame post, the next one will make up for it.


man, that new image uploader doesn’t work on this computer…

for some reason this image won't show up in firefox
the top one is throwin a gang sign
if ya got any input on names or other suggestions, please let me know.

You Are Special

So here’s what I’ve been working on. Its not done yet, but i wanted to preview the idea and see what people think. for some reason Ive been doing this on my own instead of making comics. So here’s the idea, and to whet your apetite, here’s an image:

cute baby robot
i couldnt get the image uploader to work for some reason, so i html’d it in. anyway, cute right? well what if i told you he was mad using a library of parts? like the arms are one bit, the eyes, the mouth, body, head doodle, antenna thing, all diferent pre-made parts. and theres a ton more all referencing real electronic/mechanical parts. whats more, what if you could download the library for yourself and submit your own cute little robots to be displayed all together on a site somewhere on the internets? would you guys be into that?

oh also, ive been trying to think of what to call them. i just started scriblin down some stuff and i got “Microbots”,”Tinkerbots”,”Robobots”,”Doodlebots”, then i started thinking like more transformer-y robo-war kinda thing and i kind of like “Probots vs. Negatrons” or “Protrons vs. Negabots”.


A life of slavery

so here I am in awesome North Carolina working with Bryan Lee O’Malley and Hope Larson. Its pretty much the best and I’m seeing what the life is really like (its clear to me now that I can pretty much say goodbye to friends) but its great. Any of you who are fans of Scott Pilgrim (are they making a movie? yes, and Michael Sera will star, blah blah) and Salamander Dream/Grey Horses will pretty much be super jealous of the things I’ve seen and done since I got here. Joel, can tell you all about it because he came to visit me last weekend and it was awesome. ANYWAY, what I really am posting about (sorry no art or pictures) is this horrible thing that got passed to us a few days ago:

TokyoPop’s Shining Stars of Manga Contest Contract/Pact/Whatever

Im not gonna talk about how awful and wrong this thing is and how its pretty much ruining comics for anyone, because we pretty much speant the whole day yesterday doing just that AND Bryan did a much better job using direct quotes on his livejournal:

destroyerzooey: a statement

also, the comments on the page are getting ridiculous.

PS Im working on this really cool project for my site that I think can be a really cool community building/fun for you project


whats more, is i’ve been up all night learning flash for a job interview in 3 hours. but i did learn quite a good deal and im here to say that you can too, my friend. well. maybe not all of you, you know who you are. anyway, its goes great with the new re-design of

here’s the first one, just a simple little animation that loops, but I MADE A START AND STOP BUTTON WHAT>?><:? roby

and then we got the meat. I made this as an expression of love for my dear joel, who found the screencasts for me that were ever so helpful…


who dat who dat?

hey there. you (directly addressing shambot as a person) remember me? no? oh thats right, I haven’t posted in like five thousand parsecs. yeah its a unit of distance, so what? anyway, im just as busy as all the other mcad shambers and i dont really know how they have time to make their funny videos and websites. i’m hardly able to keep up with everything these days and i certainly have put the old bloggy on the backburner.

but hey here’s a tiny, crappy website i put together to showcase some fine art i’ve been making: destroy evan!

a few of the drawings will soon be in a show at the park-nicolet clinic (weird, i know) and for sales, totally!

oh and i’ve been really into this band “los campesinos!”  their new album came out and people have been liking it. i think bill in particular would like them. other than that, i downloaded about 100 songs from the 90s and have been rocking out on my ipod. a few examples would be:  whoomp there it is, U can’t touch this, guerilla radio, live and let die, mr. jones, song 2, longview, jump around, and the rebirth of slick!  look em up!

check this out


i found this video online (it should download when you click it, sorry it aint streaming).

this was taken with a cell phone so its really crappy and the people didn’t realize what happened until much later. take a look now…

see it? watch when the camera pans to the guy laying on the grass in the distance. its really brief, but a little creature suddenly appears and bends down to touch the guy! according to the report, the dog in the video suddenly got really frightened and later, the guy had a red triangular mark where the thing touched him.

also check this out…