Last summer while I still had a part time job (and thus was on the road at 3:00 in the afternoon when this was taken) I saw the Google street-view-mobile driving through the neighborhood and tried to follow it before I got bored and gave up. You can follow my adventures if you start here and keep going up Victoria towards Grand Ave.

But if that’s boring, I’ve chronicled my adventures in three illustrated chapters (1. Oblivious, 2. Realization, 3. Giving Up), attached for your viewing pleasure.

p.s. And yes, I did in fact post this on facebook, but Ben posted that extra adorable lunch video on facebook too, so I think I have the right… even though this is not half as cute.

Stack ‘em, giant stackers!

Stack ‘em, giant stackers! from Emma Brown on Vimeo.

Sorry I called you a loser, Bill.


I meow’d this meow meow and meow meows and meowed them to meow the ultimate Meow Meow Meow!!!

Great headline. GET IT? HEADline?!?!?


sheep, chance, sheepchance

Chance looks like Sheep. Sheep looks like Chance.

(photo credits go to my favorite blogger kate miss and my favorite alli)

are you there, j.j.?

more comics! but they’re lost themed comics from the very genius kate beaton, who also makes great comics about famous people in history and religion, canadians, and top gun.

p.s. i feel the same way about kate.

p.p.s. do you guys still watch lost? if not, sorry.

mooooomie moomie moo!

Do you know about moomie? She is a sort of alter ego/mini me that I created for funsies. She always wears her hood up, loves her silly sock boot slippers, and has a cat named Schmoomie. A lot of situations involving moomie come from real life, like the following….

omg chance

Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there Shambot. I was just thinking about my friend Chance. Oh, you don’t know him? He’s okay I guess. Although… come closer, I don’t want anyone to hear us… I think he has a problem. An internet problem. See, every time I talk to him on the internet and have to step away to, say, take the kettle off the stove or answer the telephone and THIS happens:


Don’t you wish we had the “rotate the crime scene” option in photoshop?

my dearest

my most beloved,

my shambot.

Do you remember me? I serenaded you with my top two hit songs from the Billboard Charts, “We Belong Together” by Mariah Carey and “Since U Been Gone” (sorry about the grammar/spelling, I was going through a phase) by Kelly Clarkson? I took you to go see top grossing movie Revenge of the Sith and cheered with you as the New England Patriots won the Superbowl. I even held your hand while you squealed with joy when you found out that Nicolas Cage had a son, and he named him Kal-El! So why haven’t you called? Why haven’t you sent me an e-mail or a text? I MISS YOU.


p.s. to remind you, here are some valentines you made for me….

bill, my, and joel’s submission for the mcad 2005 valentines day contest. oh how the times have changed. i love my blatant ripoff of R2-D2…