I was asked by Puny to contribute a character design to an animated music video they are doing for this song, We R Superheroes on The Apples in Stereo’s new kids’ album, Robbert Bobbert. Not only is this one of my favorite bands, but I really love the song and all the people working on the music video. Contributors include Tim Sievert, Jordan Crane, King Mini, Kevin Cannon and others I can’t quite remember.

so this is the alter ego and his super-powered self who I’m calling The Calculator. I imagine he uses his super computing powers to calculate exactly the correct solution to solve any problem. Also, he is a serious nerd.

Didot, Hatched

I’ve been working on a kind of font for some clients’ wedding and its been slow to start, but I finally have the base of it down. This image will appear as the front of a card that we are having printed on a letter-press and I can’t wait to see how it looks.

here is more of the font, and this is what I’m actually calling it as it really basically is Didot.

This is the story of what may be…



I’m currently ideating a bunch of things, as I’ve previously stated. Well along with that, I’m using this experimentation time to make pieces for the art sale so I can at least feel like selling them is enough to justify spending as much time on them as I am. I just unearthed this giant box of color-aid that I totally forgot that I had. Its some pretty great stuff and I don’t get enough time to do the cut paper/collage thing even though I am admittedly bad at it. I came up with the following image, but I know it isn’t finished. I want to go back into it with pencil or something and maybe do something a little less abstract. But what?

I’d love any suggestions.


Lately, I’ve been kind of exploring a whole bunch of new things. I have always really liked patterns, but I never really make very many, plus I really felt like I needed to use some digital media since everything I’ve done lately is hand-made (even my website). Anyway, these aren’t the best, but I think I really like them. Plus they actually fit together and repeat seamlessly, which is actually not super hard in a geometric pattern, but it’s something.


I made a library of cute/funny facial features and vectorized them for the purpose of making non-cute objects cute. This is just version one (very rough), but this is about what they would look like and everyone would be able to use it this easily.

oh, btw, joel, I stole your pics


so um, theres this website. its called the comics reporter. i guess its a thing that a lot of people read. well. UM. My book just got a write-up on it and its like one of those things that gets you a little wet, you know? Like from my eyes. Ok, it made me so giddy i cried a little. well. just go read it, i cant directly link to it, so just scroll down a little…

The Comics Reporter

freedom! we got freedom!

yub nub eee chop!

yub nub eee chop!



I just found out I’m gonna be in Print Magazine!

They’re gonna feature my Summer Youth Programs Catalog I did for Designworks last year, so not so much peen as the image would have you believe, but HOORAY!


thanks to joellie pants and some greasy work on my part, there is a sweet new feature on www.evanpalmercomics.com . That feature just happens to be my livejournal just buttin its way in to my main page! It’ll hopefully be a way to keep people coming back or friending me on livejournal because im pretty constantly posting new sketches and stuff i may not put on my actual website. usually the stuff is pretty fun in my opinion.