if you thought random rape in Hometown, USA was bad…

check out this story

I am disgusted to be a US citizen, the enforcer of the free market…

If anyone is having trouble making an argument to a libertarian, look no further. It seems nothing can be done about these KBR assholes.

Hopefully they get what they deserve…

Just doing some late night job searching… Found this and thought I’d grab it. They want someone to proofread shit…maybe for their job listings? “axpanded”?


found a funny transformers vid on the tube!

…you kind of have to crank up the sound to understand him but the shit he says is worth hurting your ears with 80’s hair band.

Earnest vs. Genius and other language anomalies/random late night thoughts…

In the few times I have encountered and pondered the word in my lifetime, ‘earnest’ has earned a much clearer, more elaborate definition. (as with most all words I know, whether associated with a connotation, etc.) (more…)

Why does the state hate me?

So I got some bad news in the mail the other day from the Iowa Department of Transportamatation.  Apparently they are going to suspend my drivers license for ninety days begining on June 21.  This is because they have deemed me a “habitual violator.”

Apparently if you are cited for three moving violations in a one year period, you are a “habitual violator.”

Those of you who know what I do for money may find this sad or amusing or both.

I know I do.

In order to get my license back in September, I will have to prove “financial responsibility.”  Which basically is nifty wording for SR-22 insurance.  Now in all honesty, SR-22 actually isn’t all that much more expensive than what I’m paying now, since I’m a male under the age of 25, driving a two door coup.  However, I also have to pay a $200 reinstatement fee for my license.

My response: fuck this state and its drivers license, I don’t really NEED it…

BUT, now I have to get a different job (something I needed to do anyway).

Eventually, I’ll just move to a different state to get a drivers license if i need it that badly.

Hey Stacey…

New video and I figured out how to use FCP compressor. Woot.

Death and I on Vimeo

Who Procrastinates the Best? ME!

So instead of working on my next video for intermedia, I spent the afternoon making a cover of my favorite At The Drive-In song. And since my voice sucks, I made my mac do the vocals for me by having it read them from a word doc. Hardcore converted to electronica= odd, but fun. My favorite part is the end breakdown and the guitar solo gone midiwild!
Metronome Arthritis
You can listen to the original too!

Entry #1 from the Brockster…

Here it is in its monolithic, minimalist glory….DAH DAH DAAAAHHH….metronome ale.

Horton Hears a Hell Yeah!!!

so its finally done… but i need some tips from those in the know, how should i compress it, Joel????…If there is an interest to view the full non-shitty version let me know…maybe we can have a screening or something (my class gets to use a 3D eyepatch and I could bring them for your enjoyment). Or I could burn you a copy. Cause I love you.

“Boi! I’m a Shambie now!”

Okay…so…I am Brock, new to Shambot… Also new to blogging…but hey…I love elipses…

I just need to test things out a bit to get myself aquainted.

This is me…
This is me on photobooth…
I will post some of my creative work on here on a later date… Right now my current project is a Horton Hears a Who video…Red, Yellow, Blue video with my own audio adaptation of Ted Giesel’s classic rhymes. All electronica aside from the vocal parts, which will be homosapien in nature…

For now, here is a small earsnack sample of what is in store… It doesn’t have the vocals yet but this is when the Wickersham Bros come to steal Horton’s clover/dust speck….

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

We’re the wickersham brothers
We’re onto your plot
Pretending your talking to whos who are not
It’s a deep dire evil political plot
Pretending youre talking to whos who are not

Were the wickersham brothers
We’re vigilant spotters
Hot-shot spotters of rotters and plotters
And we’re going to save our sons and our daughters
You’re a dastardly, gastardly, schnastardly skunk
Trying to brainwash our brains with this gobblety gunk.