I hope I don’t see any of these guys walking home…


I have not posted in a while, and I think these photos are pretty amazing. I figured this would be a good place to post ‘em cuz this site caters to a lot of nerds who also like photography. Here they are:



I’m not sure what to make of this yet…


The rest are at http://rss.warnerbros.com/watchmen/

Sorry, I can’t figure out how to make that a link.

I guess they look ok… maybe a little schumacher-esque… The only one that I flat out do not like is Ozymandias. Also, where’s Doc Manhattan?

While I am fairly confident this will be the worst bastardization of Alan Moore ever, Dave Gibbons is reportedly really excited about the project, and thinks it’s going to be done really well. Also, when you think about it, 300 was one of the most faithful adaptations of any comic other than sin city, and Snyder is going to use the Graphic novel as a storyboard, just like has been done with those two movies. AND, black freighter is going to be included as a DVD feature. However, Frank Miller is much easier to adapt to film than Alan Moore ever will be.

And there is still the fact that Snyder is taking one of the greatest, most complex and intensely pessimistic novels ever and trying to make it into a summer blockbuster in the same vein as 300. I mean, honestly, 300 and watchmen are about as far from each other as super-hero comics get. We’ll see.


Killers of the Undead

Tim is right, we Iowacityans have been far too absent from shambot as of late.

Now, in order to get your whistles whetted for some possible webisodes of Nerd Alert, I would like to present an image from the new intro that I (kind of, not really) animated.

It features Tim (befittingly dressed as a hardcore capoerista) and me (with a suit and a shotgun in homage to Steve McQueen in the Getaway) fighting off a pair of armored zombies.


5 Movies that you probably hate

But that I happened to like. Not in a condescending ironic way, and not in a guilty pleasure way. I think all these films are legitimately good, if still somewhat flawed.

1. Hellboy-

Why you probably hate it: They turned one of the greatest comics of all time into a cheesy action movie.

My Response: There is a certain structure that hollywood action movies have to adhere to. This usually makes for some pretty terrible films, however, sometimes it makes for interesting results. By forcing the material of the hellboy comics to fit this structure, Guillermo Del Toro created a really imaginative action movie, that rates along with the spiderman, x-men and batman movies as one of the greatest superhero movies there is. It’s kind of like forcing a free verse poet to write a sonnet, it’s limiting in some ways, but it forces the artist to have ideas they might not have otherwise. An example is how Hellboy’s character was given a richer, more detailed social life. Something beyond bitching about how he doesn’t want to cause the apocalypse.

2. Underworld-

Why you probably hate it: “It’s a mindless matrix rip-off were vampires fight werewolves, LAME!”

My response: I have gotten an unbelievable amount of shit for liking this movie. Especially from my uppity, todd solondz watching film-major girlfriend. Yes, vampires fight werewolves in this movie. No, that does not make it some sort flintstones meets the jetsons, alien versus predator affair, where two failing franchises are stuck together in one last attempt to make money off of them. It’s more like when Alan Moore has Mr. Hyde fight the aliens from War of the Worlds, or when Tolkien has goblins fight dwarves. Underworld creates it’s own rich fantasy world, that borrows mythical creatures from past works, and juxtaposes them in an elegant and enlightening way. Honestly, if vampires and werewolves did exist together they probably would be enemies. Underworld shows this by making the Vampires into a board of emotionless, shadowy, aristocratic figures, who rule in secret and hunt the werewolves mercilessly. Werewolves are the opposite, they are a bunch of crazed homeless animals who are barely trying to survive. Underworld creates a great history explaining the cause of this conflict, and also gives us detailed information that explains what each characters stake in it is.

3. Apocalypto-

Why you probably hate it:”Directed by Mel Gibson”

My Response: Yup, he’s crazy, alchoholic and anti-semitic. But this movie isn’t! Honestly, I have no idea why Gibson wanted to make this movie. It is basically just an awesome action movie set in an amazingly cool setting (ancient mayan society) that is recreated really accurately. Honestly, it’s actually kind of anti-religion, because it shows how fucked up mayan religious beliefs could be, and how gullible people are.

4. The Devil’s Rejects-

Why you probably hate it: Rob Zombie is a hack, and this movie is just an excuse for 2 hours worth of sadism.

My Response: Love it or hate it, “torture porn” is the future of horror. By the way, torture porn is a label I am not sure if I like or not. I think it is accurate in some ways, because both porn and gory movies seek to show that which has been deemed unshowable by most authority figures. However, it suggests that the viewer takes some sort of sexualized pleasure in watching the torture. I, however, have always felt like the gruesome intensity of these movies is something that must be endured, rather than labored over. Horror would not exist if it couldn’t show us horrific, gruesome things. Torture, just like Frankenstein or Freddy Krueger, is something so disturbing that even looking upon it repulses us so much that we are exhilarated by it. The Devil’s Rejects is a carnival of repulsion. But the most amazing thing about it is that it makes us identify and root for a trio of reprehensible sociopaths. The main characters are bad guys, without a doubt, but they are so sickeningly charismatic that we want them to win out in the end. This makes the film a perfect example of how seductive evil can be, and how people like Hitler or Charles Manson can gain so many followers.

5. Mystery Men-

Why you probably hate it-“Oh yeah, I forgot that Ben Stiller once did a shitty superhero movie instead of a shitty romantic comedy.”

My Response- Some of the best movies and tv shows about superheros are the ones that make fun of superheros. I mean, c’mon, even if you love superheros you have to admit they are a fairly ridiculous concept. I count Mystery Men, along with The Tick and Venture Bros as the greatest examples of this genre. This is because the movie has an AMAZING cast, and a really clever script in addition to looking just plain looking cool. Some of the best jokes in this movie are just the description of each characters power. For example: The Shoveler- He has the power to shovel very well. Mr. Furious- His power is to get really angry. Also, I will just point out that Tom Waits is in this movie, and Tom Waits would never be in a bad movie.

Sam’s Movie month of madness

Hi, I’m Sam.

October is my favorite time of the year. I love fall. I love the weather. I love Halloween. I’ve always loved Halloween. As a kid, I loved Halloween. What I didn’t love, was scary movies. Merely looking at the covers of scary movies in video stores gave me the willies so bad that I couldn’t sleep. In fact, I once vomited because I allowed myself to become so frightened by a cover I had recently seen. (Although, to be fair, I vomited a lot as a kid.) At that age, the most frightening thing imaginable for me, was Chucky. The thought of your favorite toy trying to cut your head off is a pretty fucked up one for a kid to deal with, and that red headed little fucker tortured me for years. The insane thing, though, was that I was captivated. After a while, I started to go into the local video store on my own, after school. Once there, I would look at cover after cover of bad 80s slasher movies, scare the living shit out of myself, go home, and have nightmares. It was a sickening cycle of self destruction. I didn’t get over any of this in high school either. While Tim and Ben went to see the TCM remake, I stayed home and watched John Hughes movies with my sisters. Then, just after I finished my freshman year of college, I sat down and watched the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The very thought that this movie existed terrified me for a long time, yet somehow, once I saw it, something in my head flipped 180 degrees.

I have now become a full-blown horror addict. I can’t stop watching these things, especially this month. There is truly a thin line between love and hate. For this reason, I resolved to watch a horror movie I haven’t seen before for every day of October. While this didn’t pan out exactly right, since it is nearly impossible to watch a scary movie everyday without flunking your classes, it turned out quite nicely, because I started in mid september, and I am taking a film class that showed a few scare flicks. Not to mention the days where I just watched two movies. So, without further ado, here is the list of films I was lucky enough to enjoy during this month of madness.

Halloween- Terrifying, I went out and bought it after I rented it.
The Fog- No Halloween, but still very scary for a movie about ghost pirates.
The Fog(The remake)- Boring garbage.
The Wickerman- Bizarre, very interesting movie about paganism and religion.
The Hills Have Eyes-Classic, but I actually like the remake a little more.
TCM2- Written and Directed by Tobe Hooper, starring Dennis Hopper. How bad could it be? Very bad. Very, very bad.
Last House on the Left- Not only shocking, but the bad guys are highly interesting.
The Exorcist- Fuck you, Linda Blair. You will haunt my dreams until I die.
Hellraiser- This movie totally hinges on the effects, which are superb.
Scanners- Not really a horror movie, but good. Reminds me a lot of Heroes.
The Others- A lot like the original Haunting, scary without almost any special effects.
The Wolfman- Why don’t werewolves look like pitbulls anymore?
I Walked with a Zombie- Awesome, scary, B&W, pre-romero Zombie movie.
White Zombie- Another carribbean, pre-Romero zombie movie, this time with Bela Lugosi.
The Devil’s Backbone- Directed by Gullermo Del Toro, and a lot like Pan’s Labyrinth, but a ghost story instead of a weird fairy tale.
House of 1000 corpses- Surprisingly clever and scary in a lot of ways, but far too long. Only half as good as Devil’s Rejects.

Well, that’s my list. I hope to watch quite a few more in the next few days, but for now, I am pretty satisfied.

hello kitty!

I’ll just go ahead and say it, Emma (my girlfriend) ADOPTED A KITTEN!

She is black with white paws, a white tipped tale, a white belly and a white stripe on her face.

She is 8 weeks old and tiny and precious beyond belief! Her name is Moxie, and she already has like twenty nicknames, including Moxie-tron, and Moxiemillian.

We were gonna try and adopt one of Ben’s farm kitties, but we couldn’t find any of them when we got there. However, by that time, we had gotten kitty-fever, and just had to have one. Therefore, Emma went to Petsmart and adopted a Kitty from an unplanned domestic litter.

I thought it was especially funny that Emma chose the name she did, because that used to be our nickname for Malcolm.

Anyway, Pictures to come!

Best Geek Show Forever

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, Tim and myself are primed to start production on a new monthly video project. It will take the form of a panel discussion show, however, our show is going to be dedicated to topics that fall into the category of “nerdliness.” I.E. Comic books, Video Games, and Cult films. Basically stuff that is nerdy, but not too nerdy, I.E. Dagorhir, D&D, LARPing, WOW. Y’know, stuff that only losers do. ;) Anyway, it’s gonna be about fifteen minutes of six panelists discussing various current event(s) in nerdom, and what we think of them. Our first show is going to be done in october, and fittingly we will be discussing Rob Zombie’s upcoming Halloween remake, and the ways in which horror films have changed and gotten huge recently, specifically remakes.

Anyway, in addition to premiering on UITV in october, we hope to post this episode on Shambot as soon as it’s completed.

Now is the part where you guys come in. Tim and I have not thought of a really snappy name for the show yet, so I thought I would make an open call for suggestions from the Shamboteers. Here are some of the ones we’ve come up with so far:

Nerd Chat with Tim & Sam
Geek Speak with Tim & Sam
Geek Chic with Tim & Sam
Nerd Words with Tim & Sam
The McCoy Group
Socially Awkward with Tim & Sam

Coffee, Comics, Crackdown, and Living in Sin.

Those four things sum up my summer so far.

I’m working a lot at Java House, reading and buying assanine amounts of comic books (in addition to working on a new project of my own), Getting addicted to the game Crackdown, and living happily with my GF. Here’s a little bit about each:
So I have this manager named Travis. He’s very cool, but for a long time I thought he was gay because of many of his mannerisms. I’m not alone in this observation, Tim had a few classes with him and thought the same thing. However, it turns out that he has a wife. I thought this more or less closed the book on his sexuality. That is, until I worked with him yesterday. Our conversation went like this:

Travis: Sam, lemme tell you something that I have learned, so you don’t get disappointed when you get to be my age. [He’s only like, 24] Don’t fall in love with the bad boys, they’ll only break your heart.

Sam: But I’m just not interested in all of those “good” boys!!

Travis: [Deep Sigh] You and me both.

I thought it was quite a sweet moment.

Oh so so so many comics. I have almost doubled my collection since summer began. I have also been spending more time in the library than a homeless person in january. Right now I am really into Transmetropolitan, I think the idea of making a nutty, Hunter S. Thompson-esque journalist the savior of a dystopic futureworld is humblingly brilliant. I am also loving Garth Ennis’s Punisher. The Punisher is one of my favorite super-heroes, but I still can’t figure out why. I am also reading AKIRA, in an attempt to start getting into manga (at least, Manga that isn’t insipidly stupid, and written for 7th graders.)


In the past, I have always treated Video Games the same I treat heavy drinking. It is something that is only appropriate when done with friends. That is until Emma bought the X-Box three-six-oh and I got i addicted to Crack. Down, that is. I know it had changed the way my brain works when I put the controller down, started walking to work, and planning which rooftops I would jump to if the Volk drove up and started attacking. I decided that once I gained some height and distance, I would use my last rocket to detonate the gas tank of their van. I also decided it was time to take a break from the x-box.


Living with Emma is pretty great, especially since she works days and I work nights. A lot of days, the only time we get together is the four hours of sleep that we have in common. It’s kind of like that movie Ladyhawk, with Mathew Broderick. Where this dude turns into a wolf at night, and this chick turns into a Hawk in the daytime, so they are doomed to never get it on.


The Time Has Come

HOOOOOOoooooo(voice cracks)oooooooooooOOOooly SHIT!


The Top 5 songs that are less than a minute long.

Straight Edge- Minor Threat
Field Day for the Sundays-Wire
What We Do Is Secret- The Germs
Short Songs- The Dead Kennedys
Stab Your Back-The Damned