Seven Deadly Holidays…

So last night, during post-exam inebriation, some friends were talking about how it seems weird that some holidays, such as Cinco de Mayo, are really little more than pretenses for alcholism. That struck off an idea in my head, which may have already been done, but I’m too afraid to check before writing this, so I present to you my interpretation of: THE SEVEN DEADLY HOLIDAYS.

D-d-don’t look in the box below. John Doe has the upper hand.


The Things I Read For Class…

This is a one paragraph summary of a case from another case I was reading for Criminal Law (it was dealing with causation).

“In People v. Lewis, 124 Cal. 551, 559, the facts were as follows. The defendant inflicted a gunshot wound on the deceased. This wound was mortal. The deceased, however, procured a knife and cut his throat, and thereby brought about his own death sooner than would have been the case if it had resulted from the original wound. The defendant was convicted of manslaughter, and the conviction was affirmed by the highest court of California.”

In my notes next to this paragraph, it reads: “HOLY.SHIT.”

Then I decided to tell you guys about it.

I changed the title of this post. It’s now titled: Smug-o-pedia.

I found this while attempting to sort out how much appropriated bomb casings that were sold for a profit in 1954 were worth in 2008 dollars (adjusted for inflation, natch.).


I’m going to get in on the ground floor and tell the people why Goosebumps’s totally the most underrated serial fiction of the twenty-first century thus far.  It’ll even let you pretend like you’re totally better than your friends, workmates and loved ones? HOTDAWG. Oh my stars and garters, this is way better than my idea for Kooksterpedia, the wiki for those kooky kids who love rainy-days and cookie-shots.

Yeah, Thursday night’s a good night.

But Friday night’s better. I mean, this is what we did last Thursday.

The Cat + The Clippers


See? AWESOME FUN. Kitten was a trooper while we trimmed her “tag” fur. Then we cut my hair. YEAH!

Sure glad it’s Friday.

It’s like Hoth out there.

I’ve decided that my life (though previously dictated by Star Trek) is now to be commanded by all things Star Wars.

Even the weather.


Tell it to me in Star Wars…

So, in the (secret?) Sbot! “hiatus” that took place following September, a buddy of mine, Emma and I started up a blog to help with making sense of law school stuff, called “Law Wars”.  Basically, we just take real court opinions, and re-frame them via the universal lens of Star Wars to help make them more digestible (and fun) for others like Tracy Jordan (and ourselves)!

If you’re interested, I placed a sample after the break.



Since Monday, I’m pretty sure a rib shifted and has been causing me inordinate amounts of pain when I twist, lift a thing, or BREATHE. Not great.

So to remedy the problem I just had my first chiropractors visit.

Now, I’m not a rich kid, and the insurance isn’t gonna back me up on this one until I’ve spent $400 of my own cash (I’m not doing that).

As I’m already of a mixed mind regarding the validity of chiropractic practice in general, I’m kinda waiting with baited breath to see if all the bone crunching works and I get $50 smackers worth of value. It certainly made some glorious noises and released some pressure in my back, but I’m not sure I can put a price point on spine noises.

Please lord of the crunchy bones, fix my crappy rib.


So, as you may or may not been following the EPIC tweet feed from the event, one of our fellow Sbots!, Patrick, got married this last weekend!

Most of the groomsmen (myself included) were Sbots! (is that the accepted term?), and it was an amazingly good time.  I’m really grateful to the many people who made their way to FL to celebrate Patrick and Deedee’s momentous (and for me, a touch surreal) day.

Here’s a picture of the lovely Mr. and Mrs. Crumley (courtesy of Hannah Caster):


Pretty great.

Quick, and Dirty!




(You probably already know about these, but I gotta get that Shambug off the front page!)

“As Iowa Goes So Goes the Nation”?

As you may have heard by now, this morning, the Iowa Supreme Court under Justice Cady released their ruling in Varnum v Brien, which declared that the Iowa Defense of Marriage Act (a law to prevent same-sex marriage) was inherently unconstitutional under the equality clauses of the Iowa Constitution.

In short, the ruling legalized gay marriage in Iowa. Marriages will be able to proceed in three weeks.

That doesn’t mean that this is over and done with,  but as of right now it feels pretty great to be in Iowa.

More information can be found here and here!