Here’s what I do at work!

Hey Shambot!  I realize it’s been awhile, and well, sorry about that! I’ve missed you for sure. But mostly, I’m just to damn boring to post regularly…

But, here’s something that is fun.  We had our first ‘backyard’ outting at work (we have a backyard now! It’s mostly just a parking lot with trash in it, but that’s besides the point).  For context, HTDig is a type of ‘in-site’ search that kills our servers each night. There is a collective hate among the techies. We just finished transferring all of our clients away from it, and here’s what we did to celebrate:

Highly suspicious behavior

Pyzam Family Sticker Toy
You totally need to make your own family.  It’s silly and temporarily entertaining!

Ummm… awkward…

Sooo, as some of you may know, I was filmed for MTV’s high school stories a couple years ago, and thankfully it never aired… until now?!
I have been informed by one of our own (kinda) – Katie’s brother Harrison, that the episode aired Thursday night…
I don’t know how I feel about this… I’ve had some strange messages on myspace and facebook from strangers, so, that’s not creepy at all.  And I haven’t seen the show, so I really don’t know what was just shown on national tv… ha.
SO, anyway, as I die from embarrassment, if anyone happens upon the show, please, either turn it off, or record the damn thing so I know whether to be embarrassed!!


It’s been so long since I posted here shamby, that this event seems only fair to serve as a warning for future laitency…

Friends – If you haven’t yet met my kitties, you’re missing out on one of the most cute-er-ific experiences ever. Case in point

Costco, now offering kitties in bulk: (that’s funny, ’cause it’s a Costco box)

Ok, so having two cats is great, because they’re ‘brothers’ (by life, not by blood), and it’s double cute, and they keep each other company. And they play together. Sometimes they forget that I’m here too…

That’s what happened tonight…
Kitties are happy, chasing around, attacking the air, hair balls, rugs, blankets, each other, etc…
So, here come the cats, romping around (at top speed), and one goes behind the couch, the other goes over the arm rest. Problem: I am on leaning on the arm rest… As a result, I was used as a launching pad/brick wall. I now have an entire open paw print cut into my back, and a second slice through my arm, blood everywhere. gross.
Ohh, kitties… what are we going to do with you? Hugs and kisses every night? yes. yes, indeed.

Next update? Perhaps a webcast of Rhea’s wedding from the Elvis Chapel in Vegas? Yes, perhaps, yes… You can watch us live too!

why don’t lol cats get old?

Seriously?  Lol catz still funny? Apparently so:



See more fantastic failures at : the fail blog


my very first flash .swf!

look, look! I made my first flash header today!  I don’t know how to embed it here, so go to to see it in real life!

I am 6

I am totally a 6-year-old and enjoying it.  When I got home this afternoon, I had a PB&J sandwich with a big glass of chocolate milk.  Now, back to reality, I am going to act my age and get 2 for 1 Margs!

For once, chace was right

Just before I graduated, Chance said to me: “Once your done, you’re apartment will have never been so clean!”

Everyone mark the date, Angie Doerr concedes that Chance Lunning was RIGHT.  It must be a leap year or something.

That gross space between the counter and the stove = clean
Dusting the bathroom = yes
Seeing all floor space in bedroom for more than 1 day = true
Things in the cupboards that you don’t remember buying (or expired before the last time you moved) = gone

Thats right folks.  Even with just one arm, things are getting clean.  Now if only I could put away my coats when I get home, it might actually look like I was neat or something.

A return from the land of Eng

Hello darlings! I am back from my jaunt abroad as you all know by now, but I really must capture the moment on Shambot.  Summary of my trip:

Wine drinking at noonA charming coffee shop

The end.

Seriously though, it was quite relaxing and enjoyable, spending our days drinking and eating and wandering.  Lovely.