Since we’re on the topic…

….Of NYC, I will post too!

Because, lovingly, I am home from the Big Apple.  All in all, a very exciting trip, and seeing the Katie too!  (and Kara as well).  Few if any mishaps, I missed the single rat sighting (by Rhea), and the only bug in our hostel was in her bed.  Traversing the subway was a hoot!  The first day was a bit of an exercise.  Wandering the streets of Harlem with your suitcase after flying since 4am is not really something that I would suggest in the future, but we survived!

saturday morning.

well hey there.
it’s been a spot of calm the last couple of days here in nyc…kara left thursday morning, i just mailed in a bunch of freelance stuff i was freaking out about, and merits are being taken care of for me (thanks guys!). also, since i was off the calendar for babysitting while kara was here, i didn’t get a bunch of the good babysitting jobs. i’ve been working upwards of 35 hours a week regularly, and this week i’ve only got one job so far (tonight). there’s a slight chance i’ll get called in tomorrow, but since most of the richie ny’ers with little ones are currently running off to the country (it’s the first weekend of spring break here) i highly doubt it. but never fear–i already have bookings all day monday, saturday and sunday of next week–and it’s not even next week yet.
had lunch with alexis yesterday at an amazing dim sum place in the middle of crazy chinatown (mcad alexis, she’s in town for a few days to check things out). mcad paid, which warmed my cheap little heart. in return, i gabbed for upwards of an hour about how much i love interning at harper’s and living in a closet. tried to keep the bitching about nysp to a minimum, but did manage to work in that i’m paying a studio fee, but not getting to use a studio.
last night was the first night in a while i didn’t have to sit, so intern barry and i went to moma to see the jeff wall show. it was rockin. barry tends to assume i know about everything involving art, which is sort of flattering until i have to admit that i actually have no idea how jeff wall takes a panoramic photo that is entirely in sharp focus. i hope i’m not ruining my image. at any rate, it was a nice evening and a good show.
today, i’m meeting a friend of stacey’s (harper’s art director stacey) to chat about sitting for her son (outside of pinch sitters, just once a week) then heading up to lower manhattan to sit for the evening. yay babies!
ok. i think that’s all, except for a couple of things i am excited about, contained in the following bulleted list:
-i can just see a couple of little green buds on the tree outside my tiny window. springtime! finally.
-tanya from paper prince is coming to see me in only a few weeks, then the bean will be in town
-i completely repaired my toilet MYSELF using only a strand of dental floss.
-intern suzannah and i are going to the bronx zoo next weekend.
-i got a few samples from DG that are products with my art on them. that is the coolest thing ever.
-i think there should be a prize for consistently longest shambot posts, mostly because i would win. there should also be a prize for anyone who actually reads these.

The Eye Doctor

The Eye Doctor on Vimeo



It’s BABSB2K7!!!

This is Bill on location in Iowa. We did a lot of fun things, and we’ve seen a lot of cool people. Bonus, we could have won pub quiz, but lost on the final question, AND I knew the answers to two questions. Here’s a song Ben and I wrote on the way here.

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welcome to the chancey city


Originally uploaded by furny.

Evan and I are in Chance’s apartment right now, chillin’ with his ‘rents. You know, the usual. Chicago is pretty good so far, even though

1) we almost missed the megabus

2) the trip itself was mildly painful

3) Evan’s cousin’s dogs kept us up half the night.

But now my parents are in town, and we had a delicious breakfast AND lunch and soon we will have a delicious dinner. I uploaded two pictures (including this one of the most tasty cinnamon roll evah), and might upload more, depending on how interesting my life is. I miss y’all, but not too much. JK LOL OMG BBQ ASAP


More like duhm-rake! More on that later.

wireless netwizzle

Ha! Isn’t that a funny name for a network? Just makes you wanna join up.

fastest DL

Nerd moment: CHECK OUT THAT DOWNLOAD SPEED! When do you ever see that shit? Damn that’s fast.


Bill txt msgd text messaged me and told me to get online (they’re in Iowa). They were watching ghost busters 2 and that was cool. We made feces faces.

It’s 3:13 in the AM and I’m tired as hell. I’m helping my mommy move stuff around so they can sell the house and move to another state. Weird? Yes.

Tomorrow I will post a video of myself describing, in brief, what it’s like to be in Madison.

who needs a hug?

I made a toy. It’s for my product design class. His head and arms can come off and if I ever make my other model I designed then you can switch their parts around.
He doesn’t have a name. Can someone name him for me?

Also, get ready for a post each day the next few days. ANNOYING! (PS- I beat Joel! First place in Shambot posting has been taken over!)

this, my friends, is poor timing.

well, i’m sick. sickie mc grosserson. and here’s the unfortunate thing (actually, there are multiple unfortunate things)–
-angie and rhea are in town and i want to play with them (which i did, last night, hooray…but i whined the whole time)
-kara comes into town tonight to stay with me and i don’t want to get her sick, plus a whirlwind tour of nyc takes much more energy than i have
-i want to run, but i can barely make it up the subway station stairs, much less over the huge hump of the brooklyn bridge
-all i want to do is sleep all day in my apartment, but the pest guy just came and sprayed everything down and i am pretty sure i’m poisoning myself by being in here right now (but on the up side, no more huge ass crawlies. i am not equipped to handle those emotionally.)
-all i want to do is sleep all day (part 2) but i have to watch 2 little ankle biters from 12 to 6 (which i cannot cancel, seeing as it’s 10 15) and if they don’t take a big fatty nap for most of the afternoon i will cry.
end of ridiculously whiny post. send soup.

An interruption, if we may…

Makeover! on Vimeo

A Short Interlude, In Which I Discuss the Ramifications of Fun. . .

Oh Spring Break, where ever did you go?

It seems like only yesterday I was attempting to tempt Genencor the adorable destroyer of worlds into sitting on my lap while I remove shards of glass from some poor bastards aorta in Trauma Center. Before I knew it, I had been transported into a world updating iMacs and Dell Optiplexs. Heartbreak? Suddenly, I was surrounded by Grinnellian friends, suddely freed of their educational burdens! MADNESS?!

WORLDTOURIn short, one week of spring break is not nearly enough. I was glad that much was done in the name of SPARTA (including the capture of the ever elusive Zodiac Killer), but also sad that time was so fleeting, as I was unable to accomplish a great some of feats that still await completion even now. Statistics was not completed, an idea for my term paper was not crafted, comics were not read, Battlestar Galactica was not viewed, and by god, the co-op of Splinter Cell Chaos Theory or Double Agent was not played. RAGE!
What is to be done? Shut my cry-baby mouth and get back to work? Touche.

Much love to MCADets and Grinnellians for making this a great break, and certainly all my love to IC Squad. We keep it classy as ever.

Congrats on winning the contest Bill! An in other news, Steven designed a logo for our radio show! Be sure to listen in tonight, as tonight’s theme is “EMPIRE NO LONGER”. All British Empire, all for you! Hop on the jet, and get set, ’cause the WORLD TOUR IS COMIN’ RIGHT FOR YA!

Next: Back to the reviews, I swear.