SO freaking Proud!

so, I have been sitting at BWs all night (Bad Waitress), working on my website.  And, from pure exhaustion, I am stopping for the night, but with a real achievement under belt: (or) (goes to the same thing)
It’s not quite allll finished (you’ll notice a title “result:” with no actual results) but, you can get the jist.  Now, the excitement is 3 fold.

1.  I programed that sucker.  And that code is HOT.  (All except that fancy movement stuff, that was artfully borrowed.)  but those divs? They’re SOLID.

2.  You can actually start to understand WHAT I DO.  It’s a very exciting concept.  I do things.  We know that.  Now you can understand.

3.  You can give me feedback and suggestions.  I’m going to post the final for class on Sunday, so, you have till then if you want to make an impact.



art post!

these are the large scale drawings i have for sale. they mostly have really fine detail and were really hard to capture digitally. i think youve seen most of them, but they are a narrative, so they go in this specific order:

bare 1
bare 2
bare 3
bare 4
bare 5
bare 6
bare 7
bare 8 squint right down

[edit: i REALLY like how you cant see the whole thing at once, it makes you really have to look for stuff and maybe leads to surprises, #4 is the best example]

there are also two others (even more expensive) that arent in the series, but my digital representation of them is inaccurate to how they really look because of the amount of tiny details on them. i made prints of them though. here they are and some other prints:

i divided this into 4 individual prints and yes those are nudy people
a four point perspective drawing
a silly marker drawing, i divided it into three for the prints
a spread from my book (which you havent seen yet)

there was also one othe, but its an illustrator file and i dont feel like converting it.

I have one thing to say:

17 days!



I’ve been sailing.

art sailing that is. haha that is my little joke. whatever, it keeps me going.

ANYWAY, wow it has been a good while since i have posted anything. want to know why?
ITS ALL JOEL’S FAULT. thats right, joel sucks. mostly, its joel’s art that sucks. really, im just joking, but my computer is so old, that his posts make my browser crash, so ive had to avoid shambot like a fat guy at a salad bar. anyway, ive spent a lot of time getting ready for this here art sale at mcad (at the expense of not working on actual homework). im selling a ton of stuff, all of which had to be documented. in doing so, ive made a lot of stuff that i really want to put on my website in a new section called “fine art.” thats right. i do real art. anyway, heres a piece i did for a class that im selling prints of:


[edit: look, now it should work. you people should use safari, it can see cmyk]

needless to say, it was a bit overkill. they are about 50 inches wide, so kinda huge.
look for this and about a bajillion (thats a one with a gazillion zeroes) other pieces at MCAD’s annual Art Sale in a few short weeks!

peace out.

Damn it.

Oh Hai Genencor

Thanksgiving Disco v. 2

This may look familiar, but it’s not the same as the last post I made!
After listening to my last version, it was clear it was more of a sketch for a mix rather than a final piece. I went back, put in a few more hours and now I’d like to present the final version:

The tracklisting is same, but everything’s been tightened up and polished. I’m very satisfied with this mix now, and I hope some of you will be too. Except Pat, because he’s too hung up on Soulja Boy.


  1. KOTU – Come Back Home (Krazyfiesta Remix)
  2. Rocker’s Revenge – Sunshine
  3. Billy Ocean – Night (Feel Like Getting Down) (Ayres Edit)
  4. Michael Jackson – Burn This Disco Out
  5. Norman Conners – Once I’ve Been There
  6. Marvin Gaye – Got To Give It Up, Pt. 1
  7. Thel Beatty – I Know You Care
  8. Deodato – Keep It In The Family
  9. Chromeo – Opening Up (Ce Soir On Danse)
  10. Amira – My Desire (Bugz Full Phunk Mix)
  11. Domu – Ain’t No Girl
  12. Moodyman – Sueno Martino
  13. Build An Ark – You’ve Gotta Have Freedom (J-Rocc Remix)
  14. Jackson 5 – What You Don’t Know (Eli Edit)
  15. Teddy Pendergrass – The More I Get, The More I Want
  16. Kool & The Gang – Fresh
  17. Daft Punk – Face To Face
  18. Architecture in Helsinki – Like a Call (Jeremy Dower Remix)
  19. Alan Braxe – Love Lost
  20. Kanye West – Flashing Lights (Illo’s Clubhouse Edit)

43 minutes – Get it HERE

If you do listening, let me know what you think! Share it with your friends, and maybe even some family may enjoy. There’s a distinct lack of rap music in this, so it’s family approved. It’s rock solid!
Enjoy your thanksgiving Shamboters.


¡El viernes negro es mañana!

Esto es un sitio web realmente bueno si usted está en las compras mañana: y

¡Acción de gracias feliz!


chirp chirpity chirp


I know I promised my fantastic analogue shambie post, but I’m waiting in line for MCAD’s (in my opinion) up to the hype Thanksgiving FEAST. Soon mes amies will join me, but for now I’m a lone shambie in a flock of .. well.. non-shambies. Tear tear. {edit: OH WAIT NOW JOEL’S HERE!!}

This birdie bird thing is something i’m selling at the art sale. I still have no idea how to price my work, man! WHAT DO DO?!?!?!


It seems like just yesterday that I was working in a Gamestop (then Software Etc.) saying how stupid it was the Microsoft was going to make its costumers that had just shilled out more than $300 for what was basically a PC to now pay another $60 a year to play games online that they had already paid $50 dollars for. In my face huh? Why am I boring you with talking about this?

Well, I have an idea. A CRAZY FUN IDEA.

I wanna do a Shambot! Live night. I’m not sure what games you all would like to play (I know B/B/J, Steve and I all have .Skate, and I’m assuming we all have H-LOW3, Gearz O’ Warz?, PUZZLE FIGHTER!?!?), but I think it’d be awesome for all of us to get online together and have some fun shenanigans. We could be teammates fighting the valiant fight, or we could just go crazy killing one another and cursing one another’s mother. What do you guys think? I thought Thanksgiving break during the week would be a good time.

I'll be taking extremely innapropriate pictures of myself with this doohicky.I'll be writing you lewd texts with this thingy-ma-jabber
Shit, we could even play UNO.  The possibilities are endless!  Let me know what you guys think.