Doing things

I wish I were doing things. I keep blaming it on the snow, “oh I cant go out and shoot this week, because its all sloppy!” “oh I cant go out and shoot today because its a weekend, and everyone will be out and seee me shooting them!” Sometimes, like every artist im sure, wishes they were doing more, making more. Shooting more. And granted, Ive been sick this past week with an awful cold (its a good thing im typing and not talking because you wouldnt be able to hear or understand me) not able to do much of anything, still it gets you thinking. Ive been thinking of cameras, and getting one, and of the gift card to westphoto ive had sitting around since i graduated, and maybe I should shoot the snow while it is here, no thats cliche, ill just shoot so much in cancun this may! Well anywho, here are some great young photographers ive been interested in who ARE working, and WORKING IT i might add.
bea fremderman, i hate l.a. series
ben, he really reminds me of some of the work you’ve done, not this one in particluar, but youll see what i mean.



I took some time out of my really busy schedule to edit this photo that someone else took and posted on the internats. It took a long time guys. I might not be able to graduate in time because of this.
god i love Impact. Also I named two stock sets at work after a certain friend of ours who has a sweet name… because I was looking for a sweet name to name the sets. FIND OUT WHO HERE.

Post Author(s)?!

Due to popular demand (Chance and Allison), you can now have multiple authors on a post! I personally have no use for this, but apparently others do!

If you want to use this miracle of science and technology just take a look under the “Post Author(s)” section on the right side of screen. Normally only your name is there, but now there’s a button right under that which reads “+ Add author”. You can probably figure it out from there.

Other features added? Auto-save. Nothing you can really do there, but if your browser locks up or crashes while you’re making a post not all of it will be lost. Tags have also been added. I never really figured anyone would want them, but either way they are there. If you want to use them go for it (they won’t actually do anything)!

who dat who dat?

hey there. you (directly addressing shambot as a person) remember me? no? oh thats right, I haven’t posted in like five thousand parsecs. yeah its a unit of distance, so what? anyway, im just as busy as all the other mcad shambers and i dont really know how they have time to make their funny videos and websites. i’m hardly able to keep up with everything these days and i certainly have put the old bloggy on the backburner.

but hey here’s a tiny, crappy website i put together to showcase some fine art i’ve been making: destroy evan!

a few of the drawings will soon be in a show at the park-nicolet clinic (weird, i know) and for sales, totally!

oh and i’ve been really into this band “los campesinos!”  their new album came out and people have been liking it. i think bill in particular would like them. other than that, i downloaded about 100 songs from the 90s and have been rocking out on my ipod. a few examples would be:  whoomp there it is, U can’t touch this, guerilla radio, live and let die, mr. jones, song 2, longview, jump around, and the rebirth of slick!  look em up!

Where’s That? Where’s That?

It’s our place!

House Tour from Joel Gillman on Vimeo.

It would seem that a lot of people have already seen this video, but SOME HAVE NOT! And they must be exposed as the heathens they are.


So it’s my senior year, OUR senior year for many of us. If you’re not breaking down every other day in an anxious panic, then it probably isn’t your senior year, and you should be very nice to anyone who is graduating in May. That’s in about four and a half weeks, great, huh?

Anyway, I haven’t graced the dashboard of Shambot in quite a while. My senior project has taken over my life and I’ve been spending most of my time researching, drawing, and painting as much as possible. My project isn’t even near completion, so I’m a bit nervous at this point. It’s going very VERY well though, so I’m excited to get things finished up.

Here is a….. um, something from my project.
Just you Wait.

w.t. part deux

who’s that who’s that from Emma Brown on Vimeo.

we kind of half-assed this guys. but we are girls. and we wanted to watch tv.

my very first flash .swf!

look, look! I made my first flash header today!  I don’t know how to embed it here, so go to to see it in real life!

Shor t Circuit

Sup? Basically Im’ totally burning out here two-thirds of the way through my final semester. I neglect my friends, I show up late to work, I don’t eat right, I sleep too much, I get sick, I take videos.

Dessert! from Joel Gillman on Vimeo.

Kitty, part of this complete breakfast. from Joel Gillman on Vimeo.

So… sorry if I’m a dick or anything for the next five weeks, it’s not you, my head’s just in the clouds (’cause formal education is done in frickin five weeks, YEAH!).

oh hey

I am a very excited Emma, because on Tuesday I will be the proud new owner of this bad boy:

[EDIT: i got it today at it’s not the key, it’s the lock version which is just as hott…]

You might be saying “what the crap is this thing?”, and if so, then let me tell you. It is a totally sweet keychain made by Harry Allen for Areaware, which is like fine artsy home stuff. All the objects he made are cast from things in his life or reproductions of things used in different ways, etc. It’s super cool, I’m way into some of the more expensive stuff as well (take-out cutlery cast in sterling silver for $105!!), and the thought of owning some made in that same line is kind of exciting. I’m a nerd, what can I say. Plus… he’s pretty cute.

OH, and here’s something for those of you who can’t have a Harry Allen totally sweet key LOCK keychain…