I was watching this really awful (I mean REALLY awful) movie today called Loveless in Los Angeles – don’t ask me why – and during a montage scene where a friend of the main character tries to reform him, a song plays that a lot of you minneapolines (and not-minneapolines too, if you’ve ever seen some of the work we do at SES every year) may recognize. You have to wait for it. The part you’re looking for is maybe two-thirds through the trailer (I guess you have to go to the IMDB version, not the YouTube version, because it has a different song?!?!).


new album

I’m working on a new album! This is the sophomore slump guys, so don’t expect much. I’ve only made three songs, and so far I’m going minimalistic. I’m taking this very seriously* now, just look at the design and title of the album (the right side is the front, left is the back):

Here’s the song Tail Lights

*yeah right


it has finally been realized: my Open-Type font has gone live on the YWFT website! If you are ever in need of this quirky, funtimey typeface you can buy it for the low low price of $24.95! Even if you don’t want to buy it, you should check out the product page for the hilarious first line of the description and the awesome showings my previous coworkers did for it. Also, just so you know, you can buy 12 prints for cheap celebrating the 6th anniversary of YWFT. It features work by the likes of Genevieve Gauckler, Mike Perry, and ME. HOW COOL!!!


thanks to joellie pants and some greasy work on my part, there is a sweet new feature on www.evanpalmercomics.com . That feature just happens to be my livejournal just buttin its way in to my main page! It’ll hopefully be a way to keep people coming back or friending me on livejournal because im pretty constantly posting new sketches and stuff i may not put on my actual website. usually the stuff is pretty fun in my opinion.


Chicago, NY

Hey ya’ll! Next weekend I’m flying to Chicago! My parents are flying there to visit my Aunt and Uncle and they said I should come, too. Being the good son I am I said that if they would pay, I would go! And here we are.

Then, the weekend after that Bill and I are flying to New York City for a week. I’m interviewing with studios out there and checking out possible places to move while Bill talks to peeps and more or less does the same thing.

In the meantime, I’ll be hangin’ out and working at Space150 (which is a pretty rockin place).


Best time

I went to art school for 3.5 years so that I wouldn’t have to sit in a cubicle all day and type things. And yet, I love aspects of having said job. For instance, evenings and weekends. I don’t have to do anything on evenings and weekends if I don’t wanna! OR I can do this:



I thought you guys might like to see pictures of my car in its destitute state among the other tots cars. Also, for fun, there is a picture of Genencor in my bandana. FOR HAPPIER FEELINGS.

There’s a few more up on my flickr, along with images from the same day that Chance wrote about recently. FASCINATING.

p.s.edit: Last night I watched the first episode of project runway and, perdictably, I liked this one and this one. DON’T LOOK IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED IT YET!!!

secret #2

Here is a little snippet from the other project I’ve been working on. This is probably my most favorite image in the book so far. It also took me the longest to make! Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh:

Hey, some movie comes out this Friday, it’s supposed to be really good. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, it’s called Bat Men or something? It has something to do with knights, perhaps it’s about the middle ages?

Whoa. Just hold on there.

Having recently returned from helping our own Patrick “Pretty-boy-o’-Physics” Crumley and his manager and gal-pal “Darlin” Dee-Dee Spradlin down to their new digs in Austin, TX. I returned home with some stories and a brave new goal.

I want to be a national champion of the sport “Hoover-Ball”.

And god help me, my chance (and yours) has finally arrived.


Saturday, July 12, 1:33 PM

So, duh, it’s totally gorgeous today. Emma and Alli and I are spending the afternoon on the lawn at MCAD soaking it alllllllll up. The SES 2 weekend is way better than the SES 1 weekend. …Well, maybe not better, because shooting a music video is fun and exciting, but it’s definitely way more laid back and relaxing.

We also went to the vintage shop on 27th and Nic. which is owned by a former Spyhouse barista and JEREMY MESSERSMITH’S WIFE. (wtf.) So, they basically have everything going for them if “cool” is the goal. The stuff in the shop is pretty affordable. I bought a shirt, Emma bought a dress, and Alli bought a dress AND a belt. We’re all wearing our purchases now, and I must say, we’re defining hip for about a 15′ radius.

Tonight: Communist Daughter at the Turf Club for everyone but Emma, because she has to work. (Her boss is a total asshole!) Then, hopefully, another beautiful day of lounging around the SES geography.