Coming to IFC, Portlandia.

Erasing Footsteps during a Snowlift

Snow stepping. from Trygve Nordberg on Vimeo.

The Minnesota Waltz in the beautiful snow storm last night. Something’s off here…

shambot-hibernation: “shamboternation”

OR the many faces of chance’s halloween costume

What? Its been two months since everyone went into hibernation mode? No one has posted since before the winter season began you say? Bored? Need some inspiration you say? Well, I’ve got just the thing for you:

Watch closely, as we look back at how Chance’s Halloween costume evolves and changes to match his environment (or moods?):

Initial word vegan correctly representing evil ex-boyfriend #3? check.
Rearranging the word vegan into other words? check.
Rearranging the word vegan into not other words, but possible acronyms instead? check.
Careless evolution into illegible symbols or characters? check.
Drunken reappropriation of tape into random shapes and genitals? check.
Inevitable hammer and sickle? of fuckin’ course!

more halloween party pics here.

I Got Props

I love Picross, PicCross, Nonogram or Paint by Numbers, whatever you want to call it. I bought PixelCross on my phone maybe a month ago and really liked it but wished it had a mode without a timer for a “more relaxed” play. I left a review saying so and the dev totally added it! Not only that but it was at my suggestion and he specifically noted that!

I’m totally famous now.

(I don’t know why the picture is all squished, I did this from my phone)

Stack ‘em, giant stackers!

Stack ‘em, giant stackers! from Emma Brown on Vimeo.

Sorry I called you a loser, Bill.

In case you ever need to know this…

Alli is quite particular about meals.

I’m thinking about making a refrigerator magnet of this.

Cute Boys Are Cute

Just video chattin’ with the boys the other night. They’re adorable.

(I didn’t draw those hearts in there, they just appeared.)

The Future is Amazing

And we’re living it right now.

Here’s why: (more…)


These pieces are about the five senses. And also love. For my illustration class!

I really like the idea of ‘home’. Going home, or finding a home. I think it’s always been an important theme in my work. I like drawing houses because of all the things they represent.

This series is about my home, and all the things I love/loved about being at home (in Wyandotte).


I was recently asked to be in a bike poster show at The Bikery . The theme of the show is Local/Euro: european-inspired cycling posters. Super exciting!

I decided that I wanted to screen print my posters, which turned out to be quite a challenge (I haven’t screen printed in about 4 years). But thanks to my good buddy Lucas of MouseSaw, it went well! He seriously is the nicest guy ever, and totally made the whole thing possible. DEFINITELY check out his work too, he is a master!

I don’t have pictures of the final yet, but here’s my photoshop file:

I didn’t manage to mix these colors, but the background is orange and the linework is a darkdark brown. I think it looks somewhat vintage/european. Mostly because I based it off this poster HERE.

I really like the simplicity of the image, and thought the typography was nice. As you can see, I was VERY inspired by it. I like the modernized figure though. Rolled up pants and a sweet tank top! The cap is a little throwback I suppose.

PRINTS WILL SOON BE AVAILABLE! I only got about 30 solid prints, so a very limited run! I’ll take some real life pictures soon.