Sam’s Movie month of madness

Hi, I’m Sam.

October is my favorite time of the year. I love fall. I love the weather. I love Halloween. I’ve always loved Halloween. As a kid, I loved Halloween. What I didn’t love, was scary movies. Merely looking at the covers of scary movies in video stores gave me the willies so bad that I couldn’t sleep. In fact, I once vomited because I allowed myself to become so frightened by a cover I had recently seen. (Although, to be fair, I vomited a lot as a kid.) At that age, the most frightening thing imaginable for me, was Chucky. The thought of your favorite toy trying to cut your head off is a pretty fucked up one for a kid to deal with, and that red headed little fucker tortured me for years. The insane thing, though, was that I was captivated. After a while, I started to go into the local video store on my own, after school. Once there, I would look at cover after cover of bad 80s slasher movies, scare the living shit out of myself, go home, and have nightmares. It was a sickening cycle of self destruction. I didn’t get over any of this in high school either. While Tim and Ben went to see the TCM remake, I stayed home and watched John Hughes movies with my sisters. Then, just after I finished my freshman year of college, I sat down and watched the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The very thought that this movie existed terrified me for a long time, yet somehow, once I saw it, something in my head flipped 180 degrees.

I have now become a full-blown horror addict. I can’t stop watching these things, especially this month. There is truly a thin line between love and hate. For this reason, I resolved to watch a horror movie I haven’t seen before for every day of October. While this didn’t pan out exactly right, since it is nearly impossible to watch a scary movie everyday without flunking your classes, it turned out quite nicely, because I started in mid september, and I am taking a film class that showed a few scare flicks. Not to mention the days where I just watched two movies. So, without further ado, here is the list of films I was lucky enough to enjoy during this month of madness.

Halloween- Terrifying, I went out and bought it after I rented it.
The Fog- No Halloween, but still very scary for a movie about ghost pirates.
The Fog(The remake)- Boring garbage.
The Wickerman- Bizarre, very interesting movie about paganism and religion.
The Hills Have Eyes-Classic, but I actually like the remake a little more.
TCM2- Written and Directed by Tobe Hooper, starring Dennis Hopper. How bad could it be? Very bad. Very, very bad.
Last House on the Left- Not only shocking, but the bad guys are highly interesting.
The Exorcist- Fuck you, Linda Blair. You will haunt my dreams until I die.
Hellraiser- This movie totally hinges on the effects, which are superb.
Scanners- Not really a horror movie, but good. Reminds me a lot of Heroes.
The Others- A lot like the original Haunting, scary without almost any special effects.
The Wolfman- Why don’t werewolves look like pitbulls anymore?
I Walked with a Zombie- Awesome, scary, B&W, pre-romero Zombie movie.
White Zombie- Another carribbean, pre-Romero zombie movie, this time with Bela Lugosi.
The Devil’s Backbone- Directed by Gullermo Del Toro, and a lot like Pan’s Labyrinth, but a ghost story instead of a weird fairy tale.
House of 1000 corpses- Surprisingly clever and scary in a lot of ways, but far too long. Only half as good as Devil’s Rejects.

Well, that’s my list. I hope to watch quite a few more in the next few days, but for now, I am pretty satisfied.

Comments (6) left to “Sam’s Movie month of madness”

  1. Katie (Jones) wrote:

    Uh, where’s Jeepers Creepers 2? Just kidding. But remember when that pole went though his face? OH DAMN!

    Also, did you buy Devil’s Backbone? I want to see it. And CHUD!!!

  2. Emma wrote:

    Hi, I’m Emma.

    Scary movies of ANY kind scare me. Badly. Like, I saw The Ring and was haunted by my overactive imagination for a week. BUT, this list of movies made me kiind of want to watch a scary movie. The descriptions were very important, they sparked my interest. The Devil’s Backbone espcially! Also: ghost pirates. That’s cool.

  3. Tim wrote:

    Sam, were you throwing up so much because you were BULIMIC? ‘Cause I heard you in the bathroom saturday night being BULIMIC. Also, last year when you had the flu, you were being EXTRA BULIMIC. ALL OVER THE TOILET, and your trash bin.

    PS. Let’s watch more scary movies, in fact, let’s do it TONIGHT. CHUD NIGHT ALLRIGHT!

  4. Bill wrote:

    Chucky scared me too! I also had the same weird fascination with VHS covers. I would always walk down the horror section and glance around even though I knew it would scare me.

    I’ve only seen a few movies on that list. ‘The Devil’s Backbone’ was really interesting, I thought it was going to end about 3 times before the end actually happened. It was a good mix of horror and real-life drama. I guess I like scary movies, but was never really that into them until recently. Sci-fi has kind of been taking over my interest lately and we have about 15 classics on our netflix queue right now.

    I want to see ’30 Days of Night’! I heard it wasn’t too good, but I like snowy, horror movies.

  5. Emma Barnum wrote:

    For some reason, the minute Sam would put a horror movie in at night, I would immediately fall asleep. Seriously, he watched the majority of those at my house, and the minute the opening credits ran, I’d be down for the count… What does that say about me?

  6. Emma wrote:

    It says that you are totally awesome.