put em up

If you’re still miserable this morning (at work) and slept through your alarm for the first time (ever) putcha hands up!

If you just dropped Michael Mott’s book he was checking out (oops) putcha hands up!

If you’re hoping Gregg doesn’t notice (but he probably does) putcha hands up!

if you love spelling things wrong because they sound so right putcha hands up!

If you only had three (Angie signature) drinks last night and you don’t remember much putcha hands up!

If you just got paid putcha hands up!

If you’re feeling better thanks to a bit of coffee putcha hands up!

WORD. You know what I’m sayin.

Comments (7) left to “put em up”

  1. Emma wrote:

    DJ TritHEART is on the turntables, whippin’ up homework she should have done last night and trying to not think about all the cleaning she needs to do.

    werd UPPPP.

  2. Angie wrote:

    put cho hands up playa, wave em round like you just donnt caaare-a.
    so, wait, you don’t remember much? really? gurl, you need(ed) some sleep.

  3. Evan wrote:

    at jasmine tonight groovin to their phat beats:

    “Yo my name is evan palmer
    you can call me MC Squared
    but you needa say it loud
    cuz im hearing-impared”

  4. Ben wrote:

    I’m so glad my parents read this blog.

  5. Timmy wrote:

    What up? I’m MC Tim, and I’m here to say,
    “I don’t really know why y’all act that way!”
    This isn’t here the movies, this isn’t here tv,
    It ain’t Can’t Hardly Wait with that hunky boy Seth Green.

    So watch your tounges and watch your back,
    ‘Cause here in I. A. we don’t cut no slack.
    If you’re drunk n’ inebriated at your favorite club,
    We’ll sneak right up behind you and give you a bear hug.

    Yeeeeeeeah. PEACE!

  6. Allison wrote:

    if yer eatin er’yones leftover chipz from tha parrtay last night, putcha handz up! YO!

  7. Katie Wilson wrote:

    I love that drinking drives me to blog. It’s the only way!