Extra Super Tuesday!

Wow, last night was a nailbiter! I have to say that I think Obama came off with a slightly better position than Sen. Clinton after last night, especially considering that Obama may have actually won more pledged delegates. I really think counting superdelegates is dumb because they could change their mind at any point and many of them went Clinton when she was the clear frontrunner. Throw in the fact that Obama has been out-fund raising Clinton almost 3-to-1 for the month of January, and it looks like if Obama keeps running as successful and organized of campaign has he has these last few months, he could be the clear favorite after March 4th. Anyways, this is all based of cnn and Dailykos, and Dailykos has a huge Obama bias.
I’m not doing this to brag or anything, in case some of you care where I will be next year UT Austin Physics Department sent me an acceptance letter last night. I have to say the whole thing seems very attractive mainly because it probably the best rated department I will get into, my favorite/smartest teacher from Grinnell is from there, and I have never heard bad things about Austin. Apparently it’s a really great town. Anyways, they are paying for me to go out and check out the school the end of the month and I’m super pumped. I’ll try not to write much more about grad school until I make my final decision. The first school you hear back from is the most exciting though, and I felt like sharing.

Basically, I think the decision will be between U Wisconsin Madison, U Michigan Ann Arbor, and U Texas Austin, assuming I get into all three , and I got into Austin which bodes well as it is harder to do. (UPDATE: I just got an acceptance letter from U Wisconsin today!) If by some mistake in the admissions department I get into MiT or Berkeley I will be in a totally different decision mode. I don’t want to go to a school with a big football program, cause game days are so annoying, but I seemed to pick like the three biggest football programs in the U.S. W.T.F.? Point of the story: Grad School decisions coupled with primary decisions leads to a very nervous Spring semester!

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  1. Steven wrote:

    Wow dude. Congrats on the Austin acceptance. That’s crazy they’ll pay to get you down there just to check it out. WELL DONE SIR! I WISH I COULD PLAY ON YOUR GOLD COVERED STREETS.

  2. emma wrote:

    go to michigan. it’s AWESOME in ann arbor. Plus, you get the awesome slogan of “M Go Blue”.

  3. Tim wrote:

    Congrats buddy! This reminds me once again of the need to file off some apps, A HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!

  4. Sam wrote:

    I’m trying to decide if you should go to Austin or not… It could suck, because you’d be so far away… but then, also it could be great, because we could come visit you when it was cold in Iowa…

    I dunno… I’ll get back to you… :)

  5. Sam wrote:

    PS. This is Emma, not Sam.

  6. Patrick wrote:

    Also, I thought a lot about it today and I really really don’t want to go to Berkeley. I have not heard anything good about that department, just they want to pump out as much papers as possible, have inaccessible teachers, and work their grad students to death. MIT on the other hand is supposed to be quite nice, but I am definitely not holding my breath. Right now, I think Austin is my first choice, but I need to see the financial support I get.

  7. Steven wrote:

    Pat, I hope you duck well.

    All that money they’ll be throwing at you and all.