Killers of the Undead

Tim is right, we Iowacityans have been far too absent from shambot as of late.

Now, in order to get your whistles whetted for some possible webisodes of Nerd Alert, I would like to present an image from the new intro that I (kind of, not really) animated.

It features Tim (befittingly dressed as a hardcore capoerista) and me (with a suit and a shotgun in homage to Steve McQueen in the Getaway) fighting off a pair of armored zombies.


Comments (6) left to “Killers of the Undead”

  1. Katie (Jones) wrote:

    The stubble on Tim is a nice touch. Almost as nice as the spikes on the armor of the zombies. I also enjoy the castle in the background and the mix of your classiness with Tim’s brute shirtless man vibe. THUMBS UP!

  2. Tim wrote:

    Zombie Juggernaut hmmm?

    Love it.

    Can we dress like that for filming tonight?

  3. patrick wrote:


  4. Ben wrote:

    …armored zombies?


    The castle is definitely my favorite part.

  5. Joel wrote:


    I want to see this so bad! It’s so hardcore.

  6. Emma wrote:

    zombtastic! Those’r some gorgeous blood spurt fountains!