im in ur umbraz, reflectin ur infraredz

Sorry for the title, but that’s my favorite LOLcat. In case you couldn’t parse it, tonight we are treated to a total lunar eclipse. (note that if it had been only a partial eclipse, the cat woulda been in ur penumbra. +10 to the first person to make a your mom joke.) Normally shadows don’t excite me too much, but today it seems to be a sign of my good fortune. I suspect that the following were caused by the moon’s gravitational influence:

  • I kicked ass on a tough Data Modeling assignment.
  • I beat the Giants 21-20 with a 70 yard hail-mary to Troy Williamson with about 30 seconds left on the clock (Madden08, although I could do it myself in reality.)
  • I got an interview with Lockheed Martin.
  • Wally’s had Tacos for lunch.

The sky should be crystal clear tonight for eclipse-watchin. It should also provide absolutely no protection from the cold. -27 when I left for class this mornin’ (-32 in the shade.) Probably warmer this evening but once you get below -10 it doesn’t really matter.

On an unrelated note, I hate iTunes. However, the Party Shuffle is pretty awesome. As I was Shambin’ I came across the most unlikely song. Now I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure that Limp Bizkit’s “The Only One” is basically Fred Durst’s way of saying “I’m Worth Waiting For”. Pretty tricky Fred.

Thanks for listening!

P.S. for those keeping score it’s Moon’s Gravity: 4, Troll Dolls’ Tummy Bling: 0

EDIT: Changed the title from the original “im in ur umbraz, abzorbin ur infraredz”. Obviously it isn’t abzorbin the infraredz. My sincerest apologies for the mistake.
EDIT EDIT: Changed the edit from the original “Obviously it isn’t abzorbin the infraredz because we see them” to “Obviously it isn’t abzorbin the infraredz”. The fact is that we cannot see infraredz regardless of the position of the moon. To be perfectly correct, the moon is in fact both abzorbin and reflectin infraredz, however the balance of light reflected to earth during a lunar eclipse is shifted towards long wavelengths, and therefore the most concise statement would be “im in ur umbraz, reflectin more of ur infraredz than i is ur ultravioletz”. Unfortunately this statement lacks the poetic flair that a Shamby title deservz, so I’ll leave it be.

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  1. Chance wrote:

    Maybe you’d like iTunes more if you didn’t have Limp Bizkit on it! Ohhh disss!

    jk! high fives, alex!

  2. Allison wrote:


    ps too bad about fred… i was under the impression for a minute there that he could be kinda cool.