Grad Schoolz

I’m going to TEXAS!

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  1. Tim wrote:

    Congrats buddy! I can’t wait to see your hip new band playing bus stations!

  2. Emma wrote:

    Woo! Texas! It is going to be so warm. Won’t that be nice?!?!? coughcoughitsnowedyesterdayinminneapoliscough

  3. Emma B wrote:

    Get ready, cuz we’re going to visit you ALL the time.

  4. Angie wrote:

    That’s really cool! Congrats on making a decision. It will totally help take care of any stress/anxiety that you may have be experiencing. (anyone who has made any big life decisions lately will totally know what I’m talking about) :)

  5. Lindsey wrote:


  6. Bill wrote:


    Tell us more?

  7. Joel wrote:

    Congrats! Where in Texas?