You’ll appreciate this. *updated with good picture

New picture added. Now you can actually see it!

If you have an iPhone.

As of the iPhone’s 1.1.3 firmware, one can make home screen shortcuts to websites. Pretty neat. The icons for these shortcuts are by default just a super tiny version of the page at the moment you make the shortcut. Lots of cool sites, like Gizmodo, BBC News, Woot, and Boing Boing have created super cute favicons for the iPhone. Shambot however, did not.

Until now!

Old on the left, New on the right.

Let’s hear it for Joel Gillman.

Thanks to Joel, now we’ve got a little bit of flair for the thousands of iPhone owners who no doubt have Shambot on their home screens.
And here’s an update, with a much better picture. You can see the old icon the let of the new one!

Here we go... You can see the old icon, and the updated one.

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  1. Bill wrote:

    ZING-O ZANG-O. Can you zoom in on that? Or… Joel can you post the image? I want to see it. Size: large.

    Also, Ben and I are gonna travel to Iowa on the afternoon of July 2nd. I know all you guys are safe, but it would be nice to see everyone. Hang out with us or I’m not gonna be your friend anymore!

  2. Steven wrote:

    Tonight I’ll try to grab a better picture of it!
    As for the 2nd, I’ve got a full work week, but I’m sure we could work something out. Maybe dinner at Zoey’s Pizza or something!

  3. Evan wrote:

    hey no im coming BACK on the 2nd.

    zing-o zang-o

  4. Emma wrote:

    Can I just say it?

    Zing-o zang-o.

  5. Ben wrote:


    We will be traveling to IOWA on the afternoon of the 1st, because my eye appointment is on the morning of the 2nd. Huzzah!

    Also: my reCAPTCHA is “$132,000 Evenly” … there are dollar amounts now?

  6. Bill wrote:

  7. patrick wrote:

    Hey! I move July 3rd, I’m glad you’re coming back before I leave. I can’t wait to hang out with you guys! PIZZA PARTY!