so um, theres this website. its called the comics reporter. i guess its a thing that a lot of people read. well. UM. My book just got a write-up on it and its like one of those things that gets you a little wet, you know? Like from my eyes. Ok, it made me so giddy i cried a little. well. just go read it, i cant directly link to it, so just scroll down a little…

The Comics Reporter

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  1. Emma wrote:

    That dude just totally exploded with love all over your book – in a GOOD WAY.

  2. Allison wrote:

    OH MY FREAKING GOD! I am so proud of you Evan, this is amazing!!!! My favorite part (and the part I would have cried at, if I were you) was “the most delicate page from Blankets would beat up the toughest page from Mila and the Prince of Space and steal its lunch money, if it wanted to.” That is such an amazing complement, and TOTALLY true. Congratulations.


  3. Joel wrote:

    Holy crap, that’s awesome dude! Congrats! I’m so happy for you! :-) :-)

  4. patrick wrote:

    That made me want to read the comic!

  5. Tim wrote:

    I feel kinda dumb, but I can’t find the review! :(

  6. Evan wrote:

    yeah, this guy posts a lot. its probably halfway down the page by now, check under august 31st, “emptying the basket” or something