I was asked by Puny to contribute a character design to an animated music video they are doing for this song, We R Superheroes on The Apples in Stereo’s new kids’ album, Robbert Bobbert. Not only is this one of my favorite bands, but I really love the song and all the people working on the music video. Contributors include Tim Sievert, Jordan Crane, King Mini, Kevin Cannon and others I can’t quite remember.

so this is the alter ego and his super-powered self who I’m calling The Calculator. I imagine he uses his super computing powers to calculate exactly the correct solution to solve any problem. Also, he is a serious nerd.

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  1. Bill wrote:

    Lookin’ good! I was just thinking how funny it would be if he had a calculator watch on each wrist that transformed into the math blasters. What a gosh-darn nerd!

    Puny has done some really cool stuff from what I’ve seen. Remember when we saw Apples in Stereo at the Turf Club? SOOO GOOOOODDDD.

  2. Allison wrote:

    He looks just like the perfect amalgam of math professors I had in college. Except the fanny pack, never had a prof with a fanny pack. It’s his ‘Bruce Wayne detail.

    I also love The Apples In Stereo. It’s awesome that you were asked to contribute.