Okay, so some of you know that I was in a local movie filmed in Iowa City this year. It’s… um… well lets just say I did it for the experiance and let me tell you… it was an experiance. We filmed it in a hotel room over three nights. The running joke is of course that I am with four other men in a hotel room making a movie… yup. The trailer was just uploaded and I think it explains the plot much, much better than I could ever. I hope that by watching this you’ll understand why I’ve had such a problem explaining it.

Yes it’s coming out on DVD, no I’m not letting you people see it.

Comments (2) left to “WTF???”

  1. Timmy wrote:

    Um. I didn’t hear any sound when I watched that and why did the feet move positions? Were you dancing while being raped? Weird.

    It’s odd, as I’ve actually read the script to said film. Weirdsville.

  2. Joel wrote:

    That was a sweet butterfly knife. I like that you hit the guy with the top of the toilet, what a sleeze.