Beady-Eyed Brews Entries

Omgz this is far too much fun. I can’t believe you beer makers want other people to do this for you! We should have these contests more often. Anyways we will scan these images later and send them to Peter. Until then here are pictures of the labels that look kindof crappy:

Entry 1&2: Lizard Lager & Sea Otter Stout
Lizard Lager

Sea Otter Stout

(We already colored in that part that wasn’t colored in the picture. And we’ll clean them up a little bit digitally when we scan them, like remove the lines and stuff. Whoops!)

Again Suggestion/comments are welcome. Do you think the sea otter one is better with or without the tip?

We were wondering why there weren’t any cute beers, but then we realized the kids would wants them. We could always make sodas? I dunno. Also expect Entry #3 later this week, it’s Super Secret! I’ll give you a clue, it is the only marsupial in North America (or maybe there is another one I can’t remember). Regardless it has a Beady Eye Factor to the max!

Comments (7) left to “Beady-Eyed Brews Entries”

  1. pthompso wrote:

    hooray for team DeeDee and Patrick for being the first to post! And for having so much fun! And… three or four other positive things that I should say before showing you this:

    Not to say that that disqualifies your label, by any means! But I thought you might like to know that it’s been done. Sorry.

  2. Timmy wrote:

    I got some ideas that I KNOW haven’t been done, Peter. I think you just might like ‘em too. STAY SUPER TUNED.

  3. pat wrote:

    Yeah, we actually knew it already was done before, I searched becaused I figured there had to be a sea otter beer somewhere. But we didn’t actually see the label until now, at least it’s not that simular. Plus, we liked the idea anyways and were having fun. Plus you can’t like, own an animal, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

  4. pat wrote:

    also. Tim, you are a brown-noser. I like your idea though (if it is the same one you told me last night). Act Like You Know!

  5. Timmy wrote:

    Hey. I have no more brown a nose than I dunno. ANYONE.

  6. Brock wrote:

    Coming soon: a twelve pack of bottles that say “GFY” from timmy

  7. Brock wrote:

    I feel like the beady eyed brews may be TOO cute, similar to Joe Camel… Are you trying to get young children to drink your beer?!