I’m Jealous

So, I wish I lived in Minnesota right now, because I just found out the coolest thing ever.

Are you ready for this?

Al Franken is runing for the US Senate in Minnesota! How crazy is that?

┬áHere’s his website

You should check it out.

Comments (5) left to “I’m Jealous”

  1. Allison wrote:

    really, DONT be jealous. i dont like it when non-polititians run for office, and i hate it when they win, making minnesota look like a bunch of fools (jesse “the body” ventura, anyone?) hopefully, if al franken wins, it will turn out better.

  2. Evan wrote:

    al franken sucks. also, stuart saves his family wasnt funny.

  3. Tim wrote:

    Franken, in all fairness has had his fingers on the proverbial pulse of the political community in america for a long time. Unlike “The Body” I feel he would be a responsible choice for an elected official. Plus, his speeches are likely to tickle the funnybone and the noodle. Also, Stuart Smalley is an abomination. Franken is a dude amongst dudes. (HE DID THE VOICE OF THE MAYOR (McCheese) in Clerks the Animated Series! Don’t belive me?! LOOK IT UP!

  4. patrick wrote:

    I dunno about Franken running. I mean he pretty much said he was going to do this summer of last year. I don’t really think it’s that much different for him to run than a doctor or another high profile profession that has nothing to do with politics, although I am sure any doctor would argue with me on that one. Still, it just really doesn’t feel right. I mean if it was representative, then whatever there are like 500 of them, but senate is a pretty big deal. Plus I feel like a lot of what Franken does relies on the fact that he is not part of the machine/bureaucracy of American politics. No doubt he is smart, but that doesn’t mean he’ll even be a good representative. Finally, he is a pretty polarizing figure and the people like Rush and all the other right wing pundits will go crazy about his secular baby killing Hollywood ways.

  5. patrick wrote:

    Plus why do you guys hate franken anyways? I will give you that I never really liked him as a comedian. Although he does own the 1980s.