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joel has already seen this website, but it is sweeeet:

also, I made this kind of for fun in GD as a 2×3 poster
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please, please don’t kill me.

I just got my course catalogue today, so I huddled up on the futon, pull out my Tony Sunder trail mix (candy corn and peanuts, of course) and went through it. Last year I was kind of dissapointed by the choices I was presented, especially liberal arts-wise. I ended up only taking one this semester (MCADets usually take two) and then a one hour website making class in order to make up for the lack of credits. So I was kind of worried that next semester the choices would be worser and the one hour cop-out would be non-existant.

However, the gods must love me because (1) they’re bringing back Personality Theories, which is a Ruth Voights class that I wanted so badly to get into Sophy year, but it was full. I have now taken a vow to take at least one voights class a year because her teaching style is pretty much my nirvana.

And (2) there is a Music in Film class which is all about musicals. Guys. I love musicals. I burp and I like beer and zombie movies and hot ladies, but I also like musicals because I am a girl and I’m allowed to. Musicals are pretty, they have pretty music and good dancing and when they are in technicolor the color is glorious. Here is my only problem which is going to get a huge groan from the peanut section: a certain Mr. Pope is teaching it. Alli already tried to tell me how much I would regret it and I’m sure Katie will try to get me to stop as well BUT here’s the thing: I may regret it more if I don’t take it. I guess there is also a Children’s Theatre class on the same day that might make life really easy for me…. but… but… Top Hat! Meet Me in St. Louis! gosh. Oh the descisions.

Also, today Evan and I are having doughnuts and coffee. CUTE.

for fun

also I just found my old MXPX cd (seriously guys they were like my favorite band freshman year of high school) and I am so excited because I’m LISTENING TO IT. Oh god. Evan, however, is not so excited and actually dissapointed in me because he’s never had bad taste his entire life. So besides him, I want to know one (or more!) of your embarassing favorite bands from the past.

Taking a Break

I realise that taking a break from my work at 3:22 in the AM to post what I’m doing is kind of dumb because no one will read it until the morning anyways. BUT here it is, I just wanted to do something that was not what I’ve been doing all night for a bit. Here’s what I’m working on right now (as an animated GIF because I think they look sexy):

Suit Girl Dad

I was messing around with the motion tracker that’s build into After Effects, but it wasn’t as good as I would have liked it to be… So I ended up doing the tracking all by hand, frame by frame. Though it’s a lot of work, it looks great! Since I’m listening to music at the same time it’s very meditative.

- -

When I was walking to the school (at 10:00 PMish) a leaf blew past me on the ground. I thought, “I wish I were that leaf. Then I could just let the wind carry me all the way to school.” But then it occured to me that I might not be able to stop if a car was coming, or even stop at the school. Then the the wind changed direction and the same leaf blew past me the other way and I thought, “How great is it, not to be a leaf.”

keep calm.


The Society of Illustrators publishes student work for their yearly issue, and for our illustration class we were required to submit one of our pieces for the chance that it might get in. It turned out that even though my teacher told me that she “would be surprised if none of my work got in”, none of my work got in, and had to feel that nice cold slap of rejection on my face again. It’s more of a squeeze in the stomach actually, the diaphragm to be more specific. I hate that feeling.

Above is an illustration. I did it for the art sale.

We’re going to Iowa this weekend and I’m excited, but I want to be more excited! I feel like all the assignments we’ve been getting lately have been really boring and it’s totally bumming me out. Katie mentioned it earlier, but for we got assigned to illustrate… the desert. During the day and the night. TWO boring illustrations. I understand that as artists, we have to take the boring and make it exciting, but the desert? Come on. I can’t wait for the critique on this one; boring-city. I can only imagine:

“I really like how you drew the sand, it’s very… sandy.” -some bored illustrator
“Those colors remind me of… the desert… at night.” -really wants to leave class. now.
“buhhhhhneeeeenffppnnnnnnnnnguhhhhhhhh.” -me to emma on a break from class.

Weekend, get here sooner please.

thoughty thoughts

So I really want to submit something to Comic Heads (mcad’s annual comic anthology) this year, since Elder Joel is putting it together and he’s trying really hard to get a big variety of submissions (i.e. less anime).

For awhile I had this story brewing in my head that invovled biking to the beach and a diagram, but that story might be scrapped because I just had an epiphany: six word stories. Hemingway, I guess, started it all with “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” To be honest, that is the only thing I will ever like from Hemingway. Ever. Anywho, they are always either funny or beautiful, so maybe I will do one or two or illustrate them as comics. Sigh.

OR I will get someone else to write me one or two. Does anyone have a good 6 word story they’d like to collaborate on with me? I know there’s one just brewing inside your head. Don’t even deny it. Six little words floating around like dead fish in a pond. Mm.
Oh man, I can’t wait for Halloween and the weekend after. I am excited to go to Iowa for the firstest time ever you guys. I am also excited to pet cats and dress up like Hermione. I’m excited about everything! I’m excited about life! I’m excited about the fact that I passed my junior review! I’m excited that it’s the weekend! I’m excited about .. um.. here’s some art! It’s a potential sketch for next year’s SES T-shirt! rock on.

Short and Sucky.

I saw this on someone’s facebook section under favorite quotes.

“I asked Jesus, “how much do You love me?”
He answered, “THIS MUCH!”
Then He stretched out His arms and died for me.”

First things first, why are you fishing for compliments arround Jesus?  I mean he’s fucking God.  He’s got powers n’stuff.  He’s kinda, no, He is totally better than you.  At EVERYTHING.  He knows it, you know it, everyone knows it.  Get over yourself.

Ok, second, I don’t care how much you love Jesus, that’s still fucking grotesque.  Honestly now.  If I walked up to you and you said “Hey Tim, how’s it goin’?” and I responded, “Great!  You’re my best buddy in the whole wide world!”, then pulled a pistol from my pocket and punctured my parietal lobe with a well placed projectile, you’d be A) upset, B)confused as hell and C) Grossed the fuck out.  Jesus or no, you don’t tell someone how much you love them by getting nailed to 2×4’s. 

Rediculous. . . and a bit hilarious, when I really think about it.

My speech: Continued

Okay, so I just got back from giving my speech, and let me tell you it was recieved 100 times better than I thought it would have been! Luckily I gave it when all the Japanese student volunteers were in the room, which more than doubled my audience to about 30. I told about 4 people ahead of time that I was reading sailor moon fan fiction but most had no idea what they were in store for. I honestsly practiced this speech way more than I would have had I written a normal speech, because I knew delivery would be crucial for it to work. So in fact I think I learned more in spite of everything.

My favorite moments the speech were as followed. After I said the line about fan fiction the teacher was interrupted me and was like “umm excuse me?” so I repeated it and she just got this look on her face that like oh god, i know where this is going. At first only the people I told I was going to talk about sailor moon fan fiction as a joke were laughing but pretty soon everyone was laughing except for the japanese people who were absolutely mortified. I added some awesome parts to the speech that were not in my rough outline. About how during the scary parts of the rollercoaster ride she held my hand and it was awesome. and I ended it with when the date was ending I wanted to kiss sailor moon, but it hasn’t happened yet. I managed to keep a straight face throughout the whole thing, with only a little nervous laughter which actually made it seem a little more realistic. When I ended there was just this incredibly awkward silence. To which I added, “Any questions??” The teacher just looked at me and said, wow, your delivery and story is very good. I said thank you. Then Hikaru, who was the only native english speaking person who didn’t realize it was a big joke said, “You REALLY like sailor moon?” I realized then that it was the moment the joke had gone too far.

I came clean and said that my speech was a joke and I don’t know anything about sailor moon and i have never read the manga. At this Hikaru seemed a little upset, but the Japanese people in the room finally realized and they started laughing. My teacher said that she was very glad it was a joke because she was beinnging to think I was “a little dangerous” because of my speech. I don’t think Japanese people have much satire because it took some convincing to make them understand it was a joke. Anyways, the people in the class said I should win the best speech award, and it was the best day ever.


Why Thursday, WHY?

Thursday, why do you hate me so much, why?
I get my ass up all early for my meetings, which are cancelled only moments before they are meant to start, and now, I have to stay awake for that whole extra hour that I could have been sleeping.  Thursday, WHY??

If I didn’t have to wake up that whole extra hour early, I could have been watching Scrubs last night with the neighbors for longer.  So much longer.  Tear Thursday, you have not only tarnished today, but you tarnished Wednesday too.  What guile.

my life, this week

i seem to be prone to anxiety attacks this week. things that have triggered the aforementioned attacks:

-trying to draw camels for THE LAMEST ASSIGNMENT EVER in illustration 3

-trying to get my linework the way i want it in my digital assignment for next week

-attempting to email all of new york city in order to find the coolest internship ever for next semester

-trying to play it cool when tim tozer walked into the library this morning, just now, and i had to pretend i was reading the news or something else cultural online, rather than checking out everyone’s posts on shambot and laughing hysterically about lindsey dancing robot like in the early nineties

-figuring out how i am going to take my lunch hour (that would be one lunch hour) and get back to mcad, have an hour long meeting about nyc, and return to work


i have decided when everything is set for me to go to nyc, i will have nothing left to distract me or to spend time on. i will be completely useless to society, spending my days taking baths, smelling aromotherapy candles, and painting my toenails.

with my cat (i don’t have one, actually, but i pretty much just described a cathy comic, and she has a cat. i think. oh my god, she also has anxiety attacks pretty much every strip. am i fated to become cathy, the lamest comic character in history?? please, for my sake, step in if i begin to part my hair down the middle and wear heart tshirts).

art soon, i promise. i have much to post, not much time to do it in.

My Speech

For Japanese class we have to give a 2-3 minute speech in front of everyone. Here is a rough translation of the speech I will give tomorrow morning.

Hello everyone! Most people have used their speech to talk about memories, but I think that is a little boring so I am going to do something different. I would like to read you a Sailor Moon Fanfiction I have written.

 “My date with Sailor Moon”

By Patrick Crumley

I think that Sailor Moon is the prettiest girl in the world. That is why I was so surprised when she called me last weekend.

“Patrick? This is Sailor Moon… are you free saturday?” My heart was RACING!

” … uhhh…. for  you Sailor Moon, everytime is free time.” i replied.

“Well. How would you like to go to the amusement park with me?”

“I would like that very very much!”

I couldn’t believe that I was going on a date with Sailor MOON! I was so excited that I bought new clothes to wear and a pair of cool sunglasses. When the date came, I was ready. We met at the amusement park at 1 pm. When I saw Sailor Moon I could not believe my eyes. She was even more beautiful than in the anime and manga, which I have read several times. The first thing we did on our date was play darts. I won a giant bear and gave it to Sailor Moon. Later when we went on the roller coaster the bear became a problem and we had to leave it behind. When we came back someone had stolen it! Oh well. Before leaving the park we had dinner together. I had a hamburger and sailor moon had a hot dogs. We both agreed we had a great time and decided to go on another date.

The end!