Rest in peace, my smokin’ hot man.

Okay, this is possibly the most depressing thing to happen to me in recent memory. Remember this beautiful piece of brooding man candy?

Yes, me too. I remember the first time I saw Tom and Huck (and yes, I did indeed see it more than once) and the boy to catch my ever-so-diserning 9 year old eye was Mr. Renfro himself. Mmm, greasy haired rebel is so fantastic, don’t you think? Particularly when offset by the squeaky clean JTT. Sigh. Of course, he went on to fade into obscurity by taking vital roles in Ghost World and The Jacket, but no matter. I stood by him. And now, my man has greasy-rebelled himself straight into the great beyond. Brad, what about our wedding plans? What am I supposed to do now? THIS IS WHAT I’M LEFT WITH, WORLD:


He’s trying to brood, but it’s just not the same.

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  1. Tim wrote:

    I know just what you mean. Lets face it, the voice of kid Simba just can’t cut it. He rebels, but not in the way he’s supposed to, just sneaking into an elephant graveyard? COME ON.

    But hey, it might be even worse, y’know? I mean, maybe Refro’s there, right now at his own funeral, trying to pop out and tell everyone it’s another clever psych out that he and the JT and T came up with so they could hear everyone talk nice about him, but no one can hear him. ‘Cause he’s a ghost.

  2. Katie Wilson wrote:

    OH MY GOD. I totally forgot about that sweet trick. You’re so right. He is watching.