Every time I look at Shambot, I am confronted with my inadequate performance in the breathtaking race to the most-post title, which I am constantly narrating in my brain when I see that little sidebar.
I’m coming for you, Angie. Even if every post on the way is as lame and half-assed as this one, I’m just saying.

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  1. Angie wrote:

    haha. And the worst part is, I TOTALLY know what you mean! I’ve been gunning for Alli for MONTHS!

  2. Allison wrote:

    and me and ben have been neck in neck, FIGHTING to the death! Damn all of the those cute food-posts!

  3. Joel wrote:

    Chill out mah hamies! Just let the creative flow and the posts will come.

    (it’s 5am)

  4. Timmy wrote:

    Yeah. You don’t see us Iowa kids fussin’ and a frettin’. Plus, I mean it’s quality over content. If you have 61 sucky posts, sure there are 61 of them. And that’s cool and all, but you still have 61 sucky posts at the end of the day.

    I shoot for a 50% suck average. I feel confident I’ll meet it.