Blu-Ray actually Defeats HD-DVD
This morning Toshiba made a statement saying that they will “no longer develop, manufacture or market HD DVD players and recorders.”

Basically this was the turning point. Quickly after Toshiba’s announcement Paramount and Universal announced that they, too, will be publishing Blu-Ray discs exclusively. Even more, a few days ago, Wal-Mart announced that they are going to stop selling HD DVDs all together.

HD DVDs and players were cheaper than their Blu-Ray competitor, but Blu-Ray held more potential. In time the price will drop as the technology becomes easier (and cheaper) to make.

Personally, I was rooting for Blu-Ray. Yay me.

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  1. Alex wrote:

    I was rooting for HD-DVD, but in much the same way as I was rooting for the Patriots (i.e. i had no personal investment in it whatsoever.) Still, it’s been a tough winter for me. Few can stay cheerful after being let down by both Toshiba and Tom Brady.

    I was hoping that this format war would go on until someone found a moderately easy way to break the encryption of one of the formats. This would probably kill off said format, making the devices and media cheap. Then I could back them up onto my computer, and use the disks as frisbees, and the drive as a retractable beverage holder.

    This is still a possibility, however said “backing up” is notsomuch an easy proposition at this point.

  2. Joel wrote:

    Amen to “backing up.” I’m sure Sony will be pretty hardcore about making Blu-Ray hard to crack. Though, eventually doesn’t every DRM crack?

    I was just surprised that the format-war was over so fast!

  3. Chance wrote:

    that picture is a nerdy joke. I LOVE IT.

  4. Alex wrote:

    Apparently there are a number of not-4-noob tools to copy Blu-Ray disks onto your hard drive w/o the encryption. However converting the video stored on these disk images to something useful like h2g4/m4v is still a mystery to me.

  5. Allison wrote:

    i dont get the nerdy joke.

  6. Joel wrote:

    If you don’t get the joke the best explanation would be to go here:

  7. Emma wrote:

    I love the nerdy joke.

  8. Steven wrote:

    OMG physical media is soooo dead, Joel.

    COME ON!

  9. Timmy wrote:

    Look at our president. So pleased with his purchase of a PS3.
    If only I’d been able to portent such a future. Woe is me.

  10. Allison wrote:

    Oh wow, I didnt get that that was Truman holding the paper. That would have helped… Im cool.

  11. Joel wrote:

    :) It’s okay Allison, I had to look it up anyways…