I’m currently ideating a bunch of things, as I’ve previously stated. Well along with that, I’m using this experimentation time to make pieces for the art sale so I can at least feel like selling them is enough to justify spending as much time on them as I am. I just unearthed this giant box of color-aid that I totally forgot that I had. Its some pretty great stuff and I don’t get enough time to do the cut paper/collage thing even though I am admittedly bad at it. I came up with the following image, but I know it isn’t finished. I want to go back into it with pencil or something and maybe do something a little less abstract. But what?

I’d love any suggestions.

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  1. Ben wrote:


    There are some cool images of solar flares and junk that reminds me of what you’re doing here. Color-Aid solar flares!

  2. Allison wrote:

    i dont know, if we’re talking for the art sale, consumer-art people really like the abstract thing. Although I do like your experimentation here. And incorporating pencil would really be putting yourself into your work, since that is a big part of your work right now (or was? I dont know your work right now!)

  3. Emma wrote:

    I kind of like it right now? Maybe add a bit o’ graphite, but I wouldn’t add too much more.