I need some Brutal Honesty

Okay, so for the past couple days, I’ve been working on the following image:
Space is the Place

I’ve been taking it fairly serious, and I can honestly say that I really do like this image. I know it’s silly and maybe a bit crazy, but in terms of a designed piece I actually like how it’s working. The bright colors, the glowing shapes, and the typography, I think, are all pretty cool.

Unfortunately, I may be a bit blinded by something, possibly those bright candy-colored orbs. Is this a good piece, or a cheesy, awfully photoshopped image? I was so into making this ‘illustration’ (I’m not really sure what to call it), that when I was told that it looked hokey I was flabbergasted. So, I need some brutal honesty. Should I frame it and hang it on our wall, or erase the files and hope potential employers and clients never see it? I can’t say I won’t be heartbroken, but I’m going to appreciate the vision correction.

Comments (6) left to “I need some Brutal Honesty”

  1. Emma wrote:

    Well, to be honest, yes… it looks a little hokey. But who says illustration can’t be hokey? It has charm and humor, and I like that. Illustrations don’t always have to be something that invokes “hmmms”… this one can invoke “hahas”!


  2. Chance wrote:

    I really like it. I think we should totally put it on the wall.

  3. Emma wrote:

    p.s. i think you SHOULD show it to art directors. and it SHOULD go on your wall.

  4. Tim and Katie wrote:

    We love “BLAST-OFF BENNY”. Also, “It’s our last CHANCE!”? HAHA!

    Seriously though, it’s fun. Steve often enjoys designing concert/gig posters. This would be pretty cool for one of those. Imagine it! In the middle or to the left could be all the essential infos! It’s a thought.

    Even so, we love it!

  5. Evan wrote:

    i think the glowing effects are a little much and need to be reigned in. And I think theres something to be done with the images instead of using straight up photos. What, I don’t know. silhouettes would be too ipod-y but i think they do need to be made graphic in some way. the type is out of this world (yes i said that) and the layout is good. there are also not enough kitties

  6. Bill wrote:

    Yes. Okay. This is good. I agree with everyone! Add some type to the bottom. Yes! What could this be a poster for? Maybe when you Iowa folks come visit we’ll have a Space party or something.

    Control the power of the glowing effects. Definitely! I’m not quite sure how though.

    I think for our living room, I’m going to leave the poster as is. But if I do end up printing this for my portfolio, I might get rid of the photos and some of the glow, and add more space imagery. Like a space station or something.

    I like the goopy drips. Those are going to be in future pieces.