family portrait

Today Emma and I did a photoshoot for the next update to our Hello Ladies Vintage Shop! Chance decided to help by being the offical balloons-holder. So of course. after the shoot, we had to take some silly portraits and jumping pictures. I am sure Emma and I will have all of them uploaded to our Flickr’s before too long. CHECK IT OUUUUT.


Comments (3) left to “family portrait”

  1. Tim wrote:

    Looks pretty cool! I like how Chance is the only one in pants and shoes and sleeves. I didn’t know he was so afraid to show off some skin. Are there any body issues you wanna talk about buddy?

    (My recaptcha was “tex-reckon”. I tex-reckon that’s pretty cool.)

  2. Joel wrote:

    Chance hasn’t worn shorts in A MILLION YEARS. Yeah, he’s that old.

    Also, that’s a pretty awesome picture. I saw a few on Flickr as well. Also cool :)

  3. Chance wrote:

    Yeah, I don’t know… I just am not into shorts. I’m already a little stubby so I tex-reckon dividing my legs, and thereby making them look shorter and wider, is not a good move for me.

    Also, my recaptcha is PUSSIER-LOVING. NOT KIDDING.