Level 5 + Studio Ghibli = Nerdsplosion!

“Ni no Kuni” is Studio Ghibli’s first attempt at a video game along side the wonderful development studio Level 5 (Professor Layton series), and it is going to be released on the Nintendo DS and PS3. There will be hand animated cutscenes, and a soundtrack by Joe Hisaishi, who composed almost all the soundtracks for Miyazaki’s films. They haven’t announced a US release, but they have to … right? Where is John Lassiter!?


Comments (3) left to “Level 5 + Studio Ghibli = Nerdsplosion!”

  1. Emma wrote:

    WHAAAAT!!! Who is that little Nose Friend? I love him?

  2. Ben wrote:

    I WANT IT!

  3. Joel wrote:

    I agree with Emma, “WHAAAAT”?! I would buy the shit up so fast.