Baseball Cards!?!?

Today while pet-sitting at my parent’s house, I decided to look through my books of favorite baseball cards. I don’t think I had opened up the box they were in since the turn of the Millennium. To wet your appetite, here’s an awesome Pepsi contest gameboard I had stashed inside there from the late 90’s. I think the idea was to collect bottle caps with words on them, and when you had built the phrase, you won the prize. Due to the pop-culture theme, the phrases had a shelf life shorter than the Pepsi (burn!).

Baseball cards after the break… I’ve picked out some of my favorites. You can see the rest in Picasa.

Sweet Tom Kelly Autographed card.

Check out the awesome label work on this book of cards.

Roberto Alomar was my favorite player (he was inducted into the Hall of Fame this year, which I think precipitated this review of my collection). I have about 110 of his baseball cards. This autograph card was a prize inside a case of 20 packs. Pure luck!

Here’s a super-fancy Roberto Alomar card. In the Mid-90s baseball cards started to get pretty fancy (so that the baseball card companies could increase their profit margins).

This was tied for my favorite with the Slideshow card.

Joe Carter was my 2nd favorite. He hit a walk-off home run to win the 1993 World Series. Only the 2nd player ever to do that. Also, this might be the best baseball card picture ever.

John Olerud was a nerd. However I think this is one of my favorite baseball card designs.

Carlos Delgado actually turned out to be a big deal for awhile. He was a rookie when I stopped paying attention to baseball. He’s a handsome dude

Frank Thomas… sliding like a debutante.

This card was my Dad’s. It’s a 1961 Topps Mickey Mantle. In mint condition they’re worth around $500, but this one probably isn’t in good enough condition to sell.

This was probably high-tech in it’s day (1961).

Some examples of my awesome penmanship. Yes I indexed and cataloged my baseball cards, in fact eventually I got a hold of some awesome MS-DOS software to catalog them on a computer.

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