Mai 68 Posters

I’m excited about this post because it’s radical politics, which I like, and design, which everyone else likes. These are posters from the 1968 General Strike in France. I think they are the bee’s knees.

Content-aware deletion

We got CS5 at MCAD so my co-worker and I figured we’d try out this content aware shit everyone’s talking about. He found a random picture on the internet of a road. Here’s the original.

And here’s the final product….



I wish the WHOLE OTHER ROLL of film I took on this day would have turned out. The lighting was really beautiful, and everyone looked really beautiful… Dang!

Oh well, Chane and Ben (and Emma) can revel in these pictures because they look like rock stars!!!

ps. I have been shooting a lot of film lately. Hopefully I will keep up with adding them to flickr.

May 4th, A Long Time Ago

May the 4th be with you. Always.
(Chance, I’m sorry for upstaging your serious thing, and you’re welcome for the Star Wars thing.)


Joel Post-mania! Three days in a row, I’m getting good.

This comic is from which is hilarious and in the same vein as Toothpaste For Dinner or Natalie Dee. (funny, poorly drawn cartoons)

Also, if anyone isn’t familiar with Bill’s consistant Friday Facebook posts you should really check it out.

Color Test This, biatch!

You have perfect color vison!

Apparently I have perfect color vision! MCAD probably helped out with that… Try it for yourself! –

mooooomie moomie moo!

Do you know about moomie? She is a sort of alter ego/mini me that I created for funsies. She always wears her hood up, loves her silly sock boot slippers, and has a cat named Schmoomie. A lot of situations involving moomie come from real life, like the following….

Let the narcissism begin


Jim Carey?

some of you may have seen this totally redonk picture of my parents and myself. Well, get prepared for MORE pictures of my parents after the break!


I really really really love animated gifs. Here are some I made.

Also, shout out to Bill (and Trygve) who inspired this Shambot jump start.